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The Gynocentric Matrix of Institutionalized Male Cuckoldry

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021

The Gynocentric Matrix of Institutionalized Male Cuckoldry: Between Female Infidelity and the Financial Exploitation of Men!

Cuckoldry is the term used to define a man who raises the child who's the consequence and the result of his wife's affair with another man. Even if the husband voluntarily decides to do so this is still an expression of involuntary cuckoldry as usual the husband is forced to do so by a legal system that discriminates and leaves him with no other choice. In other words, even if it is done via the husband's own free will, it's still partially involuntary cuckoldry at a different level because it is enforced by the state and its discriminative legal system against men. The MRM sees cuckoldry as something men should want no part of, no matter whether by their choice or if forced under duress by the state to provide for children who are not the husband's biological off springs. Another form of involuntary cuckoldry is when the wife has an affair resulting in pregnancy while the husband doesn't know that the child isn't his. Estimates of such kind of cuckoldry vary from 15% at the lower threshold of the phenomenon and up to 30% at the higher one. In other words, it almost affects almost one in three men {1}. Therefore, men have to avoid this kind of financial exploitation and emotional abuse at all costs and in all situations whereby men may otherwise in one way or another end up being cuckolded by a woman, the state or both of them.

Institutionalized cuckoldry has a long record in human history and is chronicled at least from the 12th century and medieval Europe and expressed in literature and art which based on behavioral philological approach can help us draw conclusion about the large scale practice of this phenomenon {2}. Douglas Ghalbie explains that "Associated with evolutionary psychology which constitutes a legitimate concern of men about women’s sexual fidelity for good evolutionary reasons, the more balanced medieval literature introduced us to a millennia of world literature expressing men’s justified concern about being cuckolded. Medieval Latin literature, which provided men with relatively good opportunities to express their interests and protest against gynocentric oppression, depicted cuckolds as pathetic, stupid men and thus gave us even more insight into the phenomenon of institutionalized cuckoldry and its large scale practice by women" {3}. "Unlike a woman, in ancient times a man in the absence of modern DNA testing lacked certainty whether a child is his biological offspring. Parental knowledge thus naturally features vitally significant gender inequality. Yet today, despite those evolutionary reality as we will be discussing below, even in modern time DNA testing is denied to men and the discussion of paternity establishment tends to be trivialized and suppressed" {4}

Present-day laws in most western countries can force cuckoldry on men in any number of conditions. As mentioned above, this can be a man being forced to pay child support for children who were the result of his wife committing adultery and subsequently becoming impregnated by her affair partner. In such cases the state will enforce the man's status as a cuckolded husband by denying him the right for DNA tests which is a deeply ingrained Judeo Christian religious heritage {5}. For example, "the four seas doctrine of English common law which is based on Jewish Halachick rules and adopts some of the Muslim interpretations to the law expresses cultural and legal circumstances that affect the extent of cuckoldry" as Douglas Ghalbie writes. "The four seas doctrine of English common law provides for legally recognized cuckoldry. The four seas doctrine legally declares a man to be the father of a child in cases in which he was obviously cuckolded. Specifically, the four seas doctrine states that if a husband was anywhere under the jurisdiction of the King of England, evidence that the husband could not and did not have sex with his wife is irrelevant to determining paternity. So, for example, a man imprisoned in early twentieth-century British South Africa would be legally declared to be the father of any children his wife in London might have during his absence. Deprived of any reproductive and paternal rights whatsoever, the man's lack of any rights over his body is directly rooted in the four sees doctrine and Jewish religious law mentioned above" {6).

"Men are today subject to forced financial fatherhood for children who are their biological children. Under state-institutionalized practices of legal cuckolding, men are also subject to forced financial fatherhood for children who aren’t their biological children. Moreover, men seeking custody of children legally declared to be theirs face acute anti-men bias in child custody and child support decisions" continues Ghalbie. In a different sort of circumstances if a man had married or just lived with an unwed mother, the man could be forced to pay child support for the children that are not his, if the marriage ends in divorce or the relationship breaks down. Even if a child is the result of adultery and the husband wants no association with his now ex-wife and the affair partner {other man} wants to take responsibility for the wellbeing and support of the child, a court can absolutely refuse this to occur and instead force the husband to spend the next 18+ years paying child support for a child that is not his, while removing any responsibility of the child’s real father which constitutes both financial exploitation as well as emotional abuse. Therefore, in practice and de facto courts force cuckoldry onto men in many different situations with the aim at supporting female infidelity

Furthermore, according to Douglas Ghalbie, "In high-income democratic societies, paternity is commonly established in hospitals shortly after a woman gives birth. If the woman is married, paternity of her newly born child is legally assigned to her husband. Additionally, the denial as well as not having paternity or DNA testing as a default legal rule supports relational circumstances that unduly influence husbands to remain ignorant of true paternity knowledge. If a mother is not married, paternity is commonly established through having a man sign an acknowledgement of paternity in the hospital shortly after the mother gives birth. Paternity testing is not a default procedure in administering acknowledgement of paternity. An unmarried man’s relationship with a girlfriend is less legally constrained than a husband’s relationship with his wife. But that does not necessarily imply that a relationship with a wife is less personally important to a man than a relationship with a girlfriend. Just as for married men, requiring an unmarried man to request personally a paternity test unduly influences him to remain ignorant of true paternity knowledge {7}

The aim of those policies are aiming, thereby, at subjecting the cuckolded husbands to the child support system which can transfer incredibly large amounts of money from the man’s earnings over to the woman he was once married to, to support a child that is even not his. Furthermore, many governments, as I have said, have enacted legislation which directly forbids men from undertaking DNA testing to determine whether a child is his, or another man’s. Under the false pretense of the child's best interest the rational behind those policies aim at transferring financial resources from men to women and ensuring the discrimination and exploitation of men. Yes, for a large part of the male population around the globe and in many parts of the world now, a man will have committed a crime if he DNA tests a child which he has strong suspicion is not his. Even if the mother has admitted adultery at the time the pregnancy occurred. And this same DNA testing can lead a man into prison for doing so. The entire legalized forced cuckoldry system is extremely discriminatory and hostile towards innocent men, a system which seems to be the very opposite of any notion of justice and in fact seems to enforce an incredible injustice against men to force them to pay large sums of money over almost two decades for children of which he has absolutely no family relationship to, nor any responsibility to in any way to contribute anything whatsoever to them.

For the men who are forced into these cuckoldry schemes, not only must they deal with the tremendous pain and suffering of their wife having committed adultery and having a child as a result of her infidelity and who either may also see his wife walk away and live with or marry the child’s real father or when not having left the relationship raising a child that is a constant reminder and trigger of his wife's unfaithfulness. These victimized men are then abused again when forced by the welfare state and its discriminative legal system to pay these incredibly large child support payments to his ex-wife, thereby supporting a family which is not his including the other man if the wife has decided to leave. Further salt is rubbed into his wounds when his own children may then be forced to be raised alongside other children that are fathered by different men. For states that enforce archaic alimony laws, this is even worse for these men. A man in these cases will not only be subjected to the child support system, which so often financially devastates men, but he may also be forced to surrender his home, savings, cars and other possessions to his ex-wife. All under the guise of supporting a child or children which are not his.

Despite the MRM fighting for the men's human rights and until it succeeds in changing the laws, the individual man who sees all of this and has to do everything he can to live his life in a way that forced cuckoldry can never happen to him. This can be done in a number of different ways depending on how each individual chooses to live his life when having any type of intimate relationship with a woman. Some men may even become MGTOW to avoid being cuckolded themselves. One thing is a certainty and any man, whether, Red Pill or not, must attest and admit to himself is that no matter how careful they may be in any regard, they know that under today's laws, any time they have any type of intimate relationship with a woman, they are putting themselves at risk of being cuckolded and there strict protection must be enforced to avoid such situations so he can do all he can to save himself from the fallout and penalties of being a man cuckolded by a woman and a state. The massive rise in legislated legalized cuckoldry, its incredible injustice, and the rise in its enforcement on men is another reason many men go today their own way.


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