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Yoav Levin is an Israeli residing MHRM researcher who operates on a global scale outside the country and is writing in English. Yoav was born in the former USSR, in Riga, Latvia. When seven years old Yoav's family emigrated from Russia to Israel where he lived until 1981. From 1981 till 1989 Yoav lived in Vienna, Austria and returned from there to Israel where he currently lives with his wife and four sons.


Yoav Levin is intelligence as well as CI professional and information specialist with a background in IT, communication networks and management. He has also in-depth interdisciplinary knowledge in psychology, philosophy, philology, literature, art, religions and economics. Yoav is fluent various languages including English, German, and Hebrew.


Yoav Levin is a long-standing MRA. He was a member of a director board of an Israeli father's NGO in the past where he managed the research and information department campaigning for the rights of men and boys. Yoav left the NGO to solely focus on the academic field and is currently researching feminism, gynocentrism, and misandry as well as female sexual and domestic violence against men which he's already done before joining the NGO.


His research is planned to be published in two trilogies and two additional books. The first trilogy is an encyclopedia focusing on misandry, feminism, and gynocentrism. The second trilogy focuses on the origins of European Gynocentrism and its symbolism. Based on his research the other two books are dealing with female sexual violence against men and in-depth research on the origins of religious gynocentrism.


The first book from the two is a comprehensive explanation on female on male rape and how it's working and the second one concentrates on the origins of religious gynocentrism spanning from polytheistic religions into monotheism and as expressed through the evolution of the God concept mirroring social gynocentric dynamics as well as refuting the notion of patriarchy already in the ancient world.

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