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There were many reasons for introducing extensive research both for the academic community as well as for the wide audience especially MRA's campaigning for the human rights for men and boys. Those reasons gave rise not only to the profound research but also for the books tailored at educating the wide public and masses. Some of the reasons were the need to break the anti-male narrative, the misandry behind it, to give and lay the academic conceptual basis for a future paradigm change and so on.


A more practical reason lay in the fact that in his first days in the HMRM Yoav couldn't find enough qualified sources to answer the feminist claims against men. There, in this place, arose a need to counteract many of the inaccuracies of the feminist claims, sometimes myths and/or outright lies as well as the attempt to rewrite history which was cherry-picked and selectively misinterpreted by feminists. All of these dynamics very often led to incitement against men, left the debates in the hands of feminists, MRA's without sufficient answers and therefore was the need to build a reliable source of scientific knowledge through research and wisdom.


As part of this Yoav identified two main cornerstones on which the whole feminist theory relies and when refuted crumbles down. First, it is the idea and the notion of patriarchy that oppresses women and second domestic violence against women which was allegedly a practical tool given to men by a patriarchy so that each and every one of them can oppress women on a personal level which lays at the basis of collective oppression. If both of them refuted this whole misandrist building crumbles down.


The first book, "The Last Taboo" summarizes human history in a systemic and chronological method beginning from primate societies, the ancient world which mirrors the migration of men and up to our modern world. In doing such research we show that gynocentrism does not only exist in human society but is an inherently embedded and inbuilt feature of the primate world into which it develops into human societies too. In our inquiry, we also refute and show that throughout human history patriarchy never existed thus also a patriarchal society is a myth.


The second book, "On the Origins of European Gynocentrism and its Symbolism", is in-depth research of the first one. It explores and concentrates on the link of classic Gynocentrism beginning with queen Eleanor of Aquitaine and her courts of love and spans over a Millenium of cultural gynocentrism up to our modern feminist era which is the third stage of the gynocentric evolution of human history. Furthermore, this research also traces back the actual origins of classic gynocentrism which embraces an antecedent millennium in which gynocentrism migrated from the Indus valley civilization to Europe.


The study identifies two main routes of migration, the northern and the southern one. The Northern route went from India over the Danube valley, modern Germany, and from the Germanic tribes into the Celtic world. The Southern route went from ancient India over the Near Eastern Semitic world of Canaanite and Hebrew culture and via North of Africa into Spain over Morrocco. It is in the Mozarabic Spain where both of the traditions met and melt together as the troubadours and the Cathars alongside with queen Eleanor of Aquitaine lay the foundation for the classic gynocentric society by creating the culture of courtly love which they brought from Spain to southern France. Thus the sources of the Troubadours and classic gynocentrism were identified as at least fivefold in their nature:


The Northern influence and route


1. The Indian and the Muslim Sufi influence. Here it is the especially mystic influence of Rumi and his school of esoteric Islam.

2. The Indian and Celtic influence where Celtic culture has a great source of influence on Christianity. Here are also later and some earlier Germanic influences to be found as the ground of many of the ideals of modern gynocentrism


The Southern route and Influence:

3. The Canaanite and Hebrew - Jewish influence as the root of Christianity (the development of Christianity from Judaism). This includes also the later mutual cross-pollination of both esoteric as non-mystic thought between various schools of Judaism and Christianity. The emphasis here is especially the mutual influence of Kaballah and Catharism which even led to adaptation and implementation of many of the Christian heretical concepts and Christian Gnostic knowledge into mainstream rabbinical Judaism.

4. The internal Gnostic Heretical influence within Christianity itself. Here we are especially talking about Bogomilism and the Cathar movement which were not only the most ancient influences on feminism but marxism and socialism too. 5. The Muslim influence of Mozarabic Spain on the courtly love poetry which includes also Jewish influence

5. The Muslim influence of Mozarabic Spain on the courtly love poetry which includes also Jewish influence.

Discussing and identifying the roots, the book discusses the gynocentric ideal and archetypes in our everyday life

The third research is yet another link that explores and shows the migration of gynocentric ideals from the Canaanite polytheism into the Hebrew Jewish monotheistic tradition. It shows and explains how the concept of God adopts and in fact mirrors the gynocentric circumstances, conditions, context and ideal of the mundane gynocentric society.

In fact, the monotheistic God also mirrors the dynamics of the very migration of gynocentrism within its different levels, from the more balanced version of biological gynocentrism, into gynocentrism II and at the end gynocentrism III which is feminism. It is especially seen in the dynamic where the ideals and understanding of God led to the abandonment of all its male attributes and the adaptation of more and more female and/or androgynous qualities

The last research deals with female sexual violence against men especially the rape of men by women. As there is a large body of research which has shown that female sexual violence including rape of men is at least as prevalent as vice versa and maybe, even more, this research attempts to explain the phenomenon, how it works - anatomically, mentally and physically, and why its possibly.

Thus if we sum all of the researches, by refuting patriarchy, proving the existence of gynocentrism as well as explaining not only why there is gender symmetry in domestic violence including the sexual one as well as how it works and is possible we have refuted the feminist claims and the misandry at the heart of it.

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