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What are Gynocentrism and Gynonormativity?

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021


Rooted in biogical and evolutionary gynocentrism, we can observe the following dynamics and describe gynonormativity in this way:

1. At the most basic level of both, the evolutionary dynamics as well as the psycho-cognitive structure of human consciousness, gynonormativity serves the purpose of indoctrinating the female worldview, observation as well as interpretation of reality in boys and girls from birth and into adulthood.

2. By adopting the female worldview, observation as well as interpretation, it aims at internalyzing gynocentrism and its clandestine and hidden nature at the root of human identity, especially in men.

3. The adoptation of the gynocentric sets of values at the root of male and female identity operates, first and foremost, at the unconscious level of the human mind, psyche and mentality and additionally has the purpose of controlling formal male dominated power structures through the female informal structures of power.

4.Therefore, men from all walks of life, no matter the religious affiliation, race, ethnicity, nationality, status or political mindset, left or right, are all part of gynocentric upbringing and gynonormative conditioning.

5. Gynonormative goals are achieved partly also through chivalric sets of values that are indoctrinated in men as described above. While in the traditional gynocentric society the rules of chivalry were applied to each individual man as in the servitude of his own wife and other women in his life (like daughter, mother, etc), gynonormativity as well as chivalry have been applied to all men and from them to all women. It was achieved by institutionalizing gynonormativity and chivalry through the legal and other official instituions of the state and that now have replaced the once living husband of blood and flesh through an amorphous collective husband which is the state.

6. Therefore, in the third stage of gynocentrism that is feminism, chivalric and gynonormative dynamics have been applied to and through the state back to all men. Thus, in this authoritarian stage of gynonormativity, all institutions of the state are mobilized to the cause of gynocentrism and the feminist cause.

7. Additionally to the state also all other sectors of society like media, academy, etc, are affected by gynonormativity and serve the same purpose.

8. Operating at the unconscious level and within the clandestine frames of informal as well as formal dynamics at the conscious and external level through many myths and taboos, is what makes gynocentric and gynonormative dynamics so powerful and hard to overcome.

To sum it up: gynonormativity is a derivative of gynocentrism as the evolutionary and biological conditioning in all primates and not only human society. It aims at giving priority to women's needs, point of view and desires and on behalf of all other parts of society while elevating their status about everyone. Seen as disposable, men in this society have the aim at serving women through chilvary and male servitude while at the same time gynonormative dynamics are used to create a delusion of male dominance and selling men this phantasy.

Gynonormativity also regulates the hierarchical power structures within the culture enabling women to control formal structures of power through the informal power structures on both, political, social, cultural and most importantly the interpersonal level. In particular, men are indoctrinated to adopt the gynocentric female system of values as a component of their authentic personality, but to maintaim it, this social engineering and cultural conditioning is widened and applied to women and girls too.

Thus, at the last stage and especially within the feminist gynocentric state, gynonormativity becomes authoritarian. We would argue that feminism as a gynonormative project and the extreme expression of totalitarian gynocentrism aiming at achieving the fourth gynocentric stage of a feminist matriarchy, could not have been born and come into operation without its previous gynocentric stages in the traditional cultures and religions. As such, the combination of gynonormativity and gynocentrism coupled with the feminist effort to achieve the transition into a gynocentric female matriarchy is integral to the establishment of female supremacy and a totally totalitarian state in the present as well as in the future.


There are 3 types of gynocentrism:

1. Evolutionary gynocentrism 2. Cultural gynocentrism 3. Feminism

1. Evolutionary and biological gynocentrism: this first type of gynocentrism has always existed. It can be found in all primates not only humans. The evolutionary and biological gynocentrism can't be get rid of as it is part of human existence, evolution and reality but only transcended on a personal level.

However, by being transcended on a personal level, it still exists in the world but does not have to be dictating or the driving force in our life. By transcending this type of gynocentrism we have disengaged the autopilot of gynonormative dynamics both at the conscious as well as the unconscious levels of our human mind.

2. Cultural gynocentrism (as even standing opposed to social dynamics of gynocentrism). This one starts with Eleanor from Aquitaine and the troubadours. It is not only cultural but also more systemic and institutionalized although still does not embrace all of the state and cultural institions as well as the societal and social domains.

3. Feminism. This is the third stage of gynocentrism especially applied through the state including the gynocentric and gynonormative dynamics through all of its political, legal, economic and other institutions. Through this and as explained above, feminism aims at establishing the fourth and the last stage of gynocentrism that is female supremacy in the form of a gynocentric female matriarchy.

Important remark: the second and third types of gynocentrism have pre or proto stages while feminism itself embodies the proto stage of the female gynocentric matriarchy. For example the pre or proto stage of the second type of gynocentrism predated Eleanor from Aquitaine and can be traced back to the Indus valley civilizations.

When one talks about the roots of modern feminist gynocentrism so it was mainly worked out and shaped in the last 1000 years but of course there were previous dynamics. The proto stages of gynocentrism or proto gynocentrism show also a dynamic of almost another 1000 years in their workings.

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