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The Scandinavian Myth and the Fraud of The Danish Happiness

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021

Why Men Pay the Price for the Fraudulent Feminist and Marxist Nordic Utopia through Exploitation and Discrimination!

When reading the mainstream media or statistics of various global and international organizations, the picture we're fed with is that of an almost Nordic feminist matriarchal Utopia (countries like Sweden, Denmark and Finnland) which is also a Marxist heaven on earth full of gender equality bliss and classless happiness.They're "sooooo happy" (for example according to the UN pseudo research) that this feminist and Marxist gynocratic tyranny is going to extinct (for good) in a while.

However, unless you're dedicated to a spiritual path based on celibacy while working on yourself and channelling as well as balancing your sexual energy in a positive way without self hate, guilt and shame, the lack of desire for sex is rather a symptom of depression or other heavy mental problems. Brainwashed by feminist neo Marxist indoctrination, the average married or even unmarried Danish male, surely doesn't do it. All those pseudo researches understand nothing in definitions of true happiness and normally as well as d e l i b e r a t e ly, mix up happiness with suffering and suffering with happiness. The third movie, you can find the links at the end of the article, which was created by a Danish state owned travel agency, points exactly to this truth while they actually (and most probably unintentionally) also admitted it by stating that the lack of sex leads to unhappiness and problems (the scene of the funeral in this context is very interesting as maybe unconsciously pointing to the problem of male suicide).

Moreover, despite the heavy propaganda, first cracks in the wall were already seen and witnessed as in the case of newspaper editor Anne Knudsen who shed some light on this phenomenon relating to why the Danes continue to respond positively to happiness surveys: “In Denmark it is shameful to be unhappy,” she says. “If you ask me how I am and I start telling you how bad I feel, then it might force you to do something about it. It might put a burden on you to help me. So, that’s one of the main reasons people say things are all right, or even ‘super.’”

Another prominent newspaper commentator, Jyllands-Posten’s Niels Lillelund, pinpointed a more serious side effect of the Danes’ mentality which affects both the Danes themselves as well as the research and creates a bias in its methodology: “In Denmark we do not raise the inventive, the hardworking, the ones with initiative, the successful or the outstanding; then, between the lines he addmits: we create hopelessness, helplessness, and the sacred, ordinary mediocrity.” Those are not the ingredients required for happiness. On the contrary, they aren't conducive to it and create dispair.

Next we witness something of great importance. We then read: they ask us at the beginning of the year what our expectations are,” he said. “Then they ask us at the end of the year whether those expectations were met. And because our expectations are so extremely low at the beginning of the year, they tend to get met more easily.” Now, this fact in itself is very important because true happiness is really the contented and easily satisfied state of mind rather the unsustainable state if elation. So, how come the contradictions between the initially correct definition and ultimately the false outcome? As we will see and examine later it is the mental motivating factor affecting those decisions that is important and is of course ignored by the research.

Michael Boothe gives us a hint that points to the solution of the Danish Paradox namely that while Denmark has won almost every happiness survey since 1973 (but as described in his book) it is a “frosty, solemn bunch” who take a lot of anti-depressants. Do they really deserve to be consistently ranked as the world’s happiest country, he asks? His answer is a big No! According to him its a nonsense and, in fact, they have dropped from the top spot in recent surveys. I don’t think they ever were the "happiest" people, he says.

It is interesting to compare Denmark to other countries to dispel the myths especially as in regard to men and within the context of gender politics as well as in comparison to social, economic environment and the various surveys on life quality and happiness. Such an interesting comparison is Israel which on the one hand has a significantly bigger population, ranks also high in happiness and quality surveys but economically as well as socially ranks law in the equality/inequality surveys of the OECD and is economically more similar to the US.

Despite the fact that already this data shows that alleged (social and gender) equality is not the sole reason or guarantee for happiness, the data on suicide and the female to male ratio as well as the subsequent suicide gap says quite a lot. While the gap between male to female suicide shows more or less the same 3-4:1 ratio there are almost as twice as many men in Denmark committing suicide than in Israel while suicide is higher but the population is lower. Basically, it shows that equality as is sold by cultural Marxists and feminist gender ideologues are merely a bluff. In fact, when it comes to gender it shows that it is also a vicious myth and a vile lie. Denmark does not show gender equality but a feminist supremascist state of female superiorty. A kingdom/monarchy with a queen and a misandrist feminist government.

The basic problem with these serveys is twofold. First, those serveys are almost solely based on a cultural conditioning which equates happiness with economy and extrene materialism.This is a well known Marxist bias which is refuted in the comparison above. Wether those are the GINI index or other more traditional criteria they are all based on this notion. However, modern and more serious research on happiness shows that economic welfare is indeed a requirement for happiness yet after having reached a certain level of economic welfare, more accumulation of material wealth is not necessarily conducive to happiness but can be detriment to it. In other words, at this level it is a matter of mentality rather materiality and depends on the development of our mind and mental states. So, strictly speaking, both positively as well as negatively, it is open to positive self empowerment, wether spiritually otherwise, or should we say vulnerability, when it comes to negative social conditioning, engineering and sadly manipualtion.

Seeing it in this light, bearing also the fact in mind that there's no singularity and phenomena never operating in vacuum, we now understand the above paradox and can solve it. Understanding that low expecations are required for happiness is really important but it depends on the mental motivating factor that encourages it as I said above. If understood in the light of wisdom and insight it will lead to true happiness while as standing opposed to it and as seen in the Danish example, being motivated by ignorance and delusions as well as colored by social conditioning that leads the adoptations of such attitudes as fear it is not only creating the Danish lie but the mediocore society of hopelessness, helplessness and leaving on anti-depressants. In a gynocentric and feminist misandrist society as in Denmark, those are of course men who pay the highest price.

Additionally, worryingly for the Danes, the latest OECD "Better Life Index" of life satisfaction saw them plummet to seventh place, behind Norway and Sweden, among others. So, the cracks in the wall are getting bigger and bigger and the lies we've been fed are no more sustainable. Danes are also experiencing a rising debt level which naturally affects more men and especially the married ones while a lower proportion of people working, again being more detriment to men especially when they getting divorced. They are also way down on the PISA [Programme for International Student Assessment] educational rankings which as everywhere in the misandrist and feminist educational system affects more boys than girls. In a vicious cycle, when the boys become men, it is them that will pay the price including the rampant epidenic of male suicide caused by the feminist state and its gynocentric policies. And if this is not enough, Denmark also has the lowest life expectancy in the region, and the highest rates of death from cancer. Well, the stories of the Utopean feminist fairytale bliss are revealing themselve through close examination and thorough scrutiny as nothing but fraud and deceit.

Moreover, it is no wonder that in this kind of society more and more men in Denmark are opting out of dating and marriage while Danish women constantly complain about it. The general suicide rate is as high as the European as well as the global average while the male and female suicide ratio shows the same suicide gap of 3-4:1 to the detriment of men meaning that the male suicide rate in Denmark is as 3 to 4 times higher for men than it is for women. This raw data dispels and disproves the lies of the country as being the most happy heaven on earth and especially for men. By the way, all the Nordic states which are socialist, neo marxist and feminist show the same dynamics while especially Finnland has additionally quite a high suicide rate too. As standing opposed to the myths, it seems that these countries are not a guarantee for happiness but rather suffering especially for men.

Now, men being the main target of institutional exploitation and oppression in Denmark's matriarchal ideology, it is clear that both, those statistics as well as the social and demographic ticking time bomb (as it is almost everywhere in Europe), is the result of the misandrist emasculating policies of the feminist matriarchy. From Viking culture it went downright to a male doormat culture where women can wipe their feet on men. No, wonder men don't seek women or wanting to have sex for one and only one purpose of becoming a slave, an ATM, a sperm donor and a cannon fodder for Denmark's feminists and the state's big sister.

To understand the extent of emasculation that Danish men are subjected to and that led to Denmark's social and demographic ticking time bomb, here an account of a foreign woman that went on a date with a successful Danish business men:

"Three months ago, my co-workers set me up on a blind date with a 36-year old Danish man who had built a successful international company. We arranged to meet in a small cafe downtown, and since I was there a bit early, I got a cup of coffee and sat alone at a table near the door. Apart from the waiter and a group of elderly Swedes, I was the only one in the place.

My date arrived on time, and when I saw him coming through the door, I was pleased. He was a real looker, tall and athletic. He saw me, smiled, and went to the bar. Fair enough, I thought. He’ll order himself a cup of coffee, and then come sit down. And he did sit down. He sat down at the bar, and took to looking out the doorway. He sat there. I sat there. He sat there, staring out the door. Could he not see me? Did he think I was late? Was he waiting for somebody better to come along?

Or, as I now suspect, was he simply waiting for me to make the first move? Was he waiting for me to get up from the table where I was sitting, walk across the room (carrying my unfinished coffee), and introduce myself? Sadly, I’ll never know, because after the 15 minutes it took me to figure out what was required of me, Mr. Wonderful got up and left".

(From a website called "How to live in Denmark).

So, instead of addressing the toxic feminist culture, the Danish Government tried to solve it by giving men more of the same poisonous medicine that will kill them. They did it by starting a campaign which asks from men to continue being the cannon fodder, the slave, the ATM and the sperm donor. This was done by a toxic combination of playing on the feelings of guilt of men ( look in second movie I've posted below), violence against men (the first one) and some more vicious and vile tactics of degrading, ridiculing and mocking men (in all of them). This in essence summerize the Danish lie and the oppressive state in which men find themselves not only in the feminist hell in Denmark but through all of the feminist misandrist Scandinavia.

Here are the three movies of the state run campaign:

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