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The Gynocentric Tunnel - Misandry, Androphobia and Heterophobia as cultural blindspot!

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021

1. Gynocentrism - the constant redirection of focus on the woman creates what Einstein used to call an optical Illusion of consciousness. It narrows our experiences so that we lose its original richness and fullness! 2. Neoteny - this is a biological concept where compassion as a surviving tool puts women and children in front or on top of the empathy "food chain" and men below or as the last ones. 3. Compassion Gap - this is the result of the above and leads us at least to indifference towards men and their suffering if not ouright hate! 4. Disposability of men - this is both a bilogical evolutionary feature but through the empathy and the compassion gap it is taken to extremity This is a self perpetuating and self sustaining cycle and it turns misandry, androphobia and heterophobia into a transparent dynamic or phenomenon. Being a biological evolutionary feature it can not be put to a rest. We can improve the situation of men by bringing awareness into the cycle, educating men and boys through self empowerment to act in their best interest so they can resist gynocentric conditioning and feminist social engineering as well as mass educating the people and create protection networks for men at the communal and societal level. In other words, it means both the narrative and on top of that the legal system and environment. This is the solution for those who chose to stay; the other option is to go your own way as MGTOW suggests.

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