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The Cyclic Existence of Gynocentric Suffering and its Cessation!

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021

The Cyclic Existence of Gynocentric Suffering and its Cessation through the Application and Attainment of Red Pill and Ultimate Wisdom!

In the next essay in this post, I want to address the topic of the male's Journey to freedom and escaping gynocentric cycle of suffering and imprisonment. As I pointed it out many times, this path is: a) self empowernment and inquiry; b) the formation of a masculinity type not focused and conditioned by females; c) living life with the new gained knowledge - this is a path a man can walk even if women stay as they are and regardless of society, it's whether he chooses a celibate life style (religious or secular) or embracing romantic relationships with women. However, on the collective level women should be encouraged as expression of love for men and for the sake of society to undergo the same path where they'll learn to observe these dynamics within oneselves - this includes anti feminist women too.

Gynocentrism can be considered to be the cycle of mundane existence. Gynocentrism is both the gynocentric upbringing, social conditioning and engineering as well as the biological substrate that underlies it. It can be also considered to be a two truths doctrine regarding the mundane existence. First, the sorrowful conventional (blue pill) truth similar to an autopilot that you now disengage by the attainment of ultimate red pill wisdom which let's you transcend biology and conventional blue pill realities and truths, not eradicate them and that frees you from the blue pill suffering.

Therefore, Gynocentrism as a whole is also considered to be human universal suffering, unsatisfactory and painful existence, perpetuated by attachment, ignorance (=delusion) and aversion that is created and again perpetuated in the mundane realm of social, cultural and interpersonal relationships by the virtue of women being the natural and sexual selection. The biological substrate of evolutionary and biological gynocentrism is used by women through subtle and direct familial conditioning as well as being further collectively exploited by women through social engineering.

There is a wider discussion to that topic that one must understand and where red pill wisdom fits or joins in. In that sense what I suugest is a middle way position between the extremes of free-will and determinism which in themselves create a lot of human suffering regardless the discussion of gynocentrism and red pill. Western philosophy has been struggling between these two extremes, the reason being because both free-will and determinism are partially correct and partially incorrect. There is will or volition (psychology/spirituality) and there are conditions (biology/evolution/the law of cause and effect), but all without a first cause or first event. According to this law which we will define as "dependent Origination/co-arising" everything is relative, conditioned, and inter-dependent. A simple scientific formula that helps define it is; when this is, that is, this arising, that arises, when this is not, that is not, this ceasing, that ceasing.

The free-will theory maintains that one‘s self is the sole explanation for phenomena. Each individual chooses his or her actions and there are no outside forces. The free-will explanation places permanence and all authority to the self. The determinism theory is the direct opposite which states that there is no will in anyone and each individual performs actions much like a programmed robot. Each person‘s life is predetermined by environmental and genetic factors which no self or soul has any control over. In determinism theory all of our behaviors can be predicted. Just as a computer will produce a definite outcome with specific data entered, so too will a human react with the same data (life experiences, etc.) according to determinism. Both extremes provide good points and are convincing. This is because both are partially correct.

The natural and social sciences have demonstrated quite conclusively that we can be very deterministic. For example, people who have gone through childhood traumas or various other similar life events tend to have the same consequences to their personalities, positive and / or negative. Twin studies have shown how identical twins sometimes have the same behaviors even when raised separately, pointing to genetic deterministic theories. Other studies have shown that twins sometimes have completely different personalities and behaviors even when raised together. When identical twins are raised together they are basically (at least as children) receiving the same diet and care and have the same genetic code. Yet studies have found their behaviors and interests completely different”.

In reality, arising effects occurre in dependence upon a conjunction of conditions. This suggests that no single cause can produce an effect, nor does one effect arise from a given cause. There is always a collection of conditions giving rise to a collection of effects. Natural and social scientists have always looked to multiple causes as rarely does any effect result mostly from one cause. They use control groups and other techniques to isolate possible causes to at least narrow their theories down to fewer possible explanations. This is fully compatible to the principles of dependent origination. The missing link which needs to be added to the deterministic theory is the thinking mind, the element of free-will and the formations of the rule of cause and effect.

This rule of cause and effect formations can be from a current or a past experience. The interplay of free-will and determinism can be described as follows. One has to imagine a dog tied to a leash. This leash is here due to the formations of the cause and effect rules and dynamics. The dog can move as far as the leash stretches. If he does only good things in his domain, then the leash gets longer and longer; more and more possibilities of doing good/wholesome/wise or bad/unwholesome/ignorant come about. The above description teaches us that we have the free-will to make choices, but we are also conditioned or determined by our past choices and environment.

By making more and more good/wise/wholesome choices through cultivating red pill and ultimate wisdom (within the psychological/spiritual realm of the mind), we can open up our opportunities and transcend biological, genetic and evolutionary determinism including the sorrowful as well as painful gynocentric realities and the conventional blue pill wisdom related to it. In that sense, red pill wisdon can be described either as a higher mundane wisdom that trancends conventional blue pill wisdom or the lowest part of ultimate wisdom. It is a crucial in-between link in the process of transcendence.

One way or other let’s consider and go now back to the question of the conditioned that conditions the conditioned. So, when the conditioned conditions correct, wisely, skillfully and wholesome the conditioned still within the mundane consciousness, it will end in the unconditioned and truely free; this is the path to liberation; both in terms of the red pill and as well as the ultimate. On the otherside, when the conditioned will condition the conditioned in terms of ignorance, the unskillful or the conventional blue pill reality, in a cyclic repititive way, it will end once again in the conditioned; those are the ways of gynocentrism's cyclic existence.

Therefore, another term to describe gynocentrism is in terms of its "cyclic existence", "cycle of existence", etc. It can be defined as the continual repetitive cycle of ever arising and ceasing of painful and sorrowful experiences regarding gynocentrism in term of social, familial and interpersonal relationships, constracts, condition and circumstances that on behalf of ognorance arises from ordinary beings' grasping and fixating on the various experiences.

Absolute free will is therefore a delusion, all that exists there, is a relative free will that in its very nature is conditioned. Determinism is therefore ignorance, all that there exists are conditions that by their very nature are conditioned too. The relative free will is conditioned by both, our own conditions as well as other factors and triggers. The relative determinism is conditioned by its own conditions as well as by ourselves and others. The path of transcendence from ill those gynocentric realities is as described above through the application of red pill and the attainment of ultimate wisdom

To attain liberation from gynocentric realities and suffering one must perfect the three higher trainings: a) self empowernmet and inquiry; b) self-discipline and the creation of a new type of masculinity; c) attainment of wisdom especially regarding the futility of gynocentric life and emptiness of its existence and leading a new life according to this red pill wisdom. This is a path a man can walk regardless of women and society.

However, because the same gynocentrism creates suffering for women too, they should undergo a similar path with the sole difference of creating a new type of femininity transcending those gynocentric dymamics. They do this also regardless of men and society. On the cultural and social level it should meet then together. When one practices all three of these higher trainings and takes them to perfection, liberation from gynocentrism is definite.

It is important to note that this path does not eradicate all human suffering which requires spiritual training but this is another discussion because not everyone is there. Yet, this path can make hugh improvement and is still recommended. It can be a healing path of both, the individual (men and women) as well as society as a whole.


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