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Reproductive Rights as Female Privilege; Enforced Parenthood and Cuckoldry as only male Reality

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021

Body Autonomy and Reproductive Rights - A Gynocentric female Privilege; Accountability and Reproductive Responsibility - Only a Male dominated Sphere and Domain!

Historically, as the vast majority of mankind were in one or the other way slaves with almost no rights at all, neither sex, whether male or female, had reproductive rights as children exactly as their biological parents belonged to the ruling class of society and specifically the lords who owned them. However, in modern times, women have reproductive rights but ultimately (if something goes wrong) aren't asked for any reproductive accountability nor for any responsibility whatsoever; men, in contrast, have no reproductive rights (and never had), but are anyway asked for reproductive responsibility as well as reproductive accountability in a way that exposes and disentangles the inherently hypocrite nature of society's abhorrence of men. Additionally, women have also rights to body autonomy (My Body, My Choice); men, again, have no rights to their body whatsoever (see enforced parenthood and the rape of men by women).

The above described reality mirrors of course the inherently gynocentric values of sour society's culture, depicts them in a nutshell and especially as applied to the realm of sexual relations between the genders. Since the dawn of time it also partially existed, though on a limited scale but as a wide phenomenon, in the form of enforced cuckoldry. However, today it was widened to all walks and aspects of life. In other words, women have in modern societies all the privileges to do whatever they want, but zero responsibility. The more history continues to unfold in this direction, the more men are denied any form of protection under the false pretense of privilege. However, they are still held responsible for everything under the sun. That's feminism applied to the realm of misandry, dedicated to the destruction of men and the creation of a future feminist, misandrist and gynocentric matriarchy.

There is a clear line that connects between forced parenthood, enforced cuckoldry, reproductive rights, reproductive responsibility, reproductive accountability and therefore the lack of them. This clandestine lifeline of gynocentrism is actually twofold in its nature. First, it's the taboo of female violence against men and, second, it's the financial exploitation with the aim at transferring resources from men to women. There are many expressions to this phenomenon or dynamic but part of the basic ones is as follow: forced parenthood, enforced cuckoldry and enforced responsibility as well as accountability which are all male attributes in a gynocentric society might not be the sole expression but part of the taboo of female violence against men. Lack of reproductive rights as well as the nonexistence of male body autonomy especially in the domain of work and labor are part of the taboo of financial male exploitation and oppression aiming at first creating the financial and social resources but then transferring them to women.

To ensure the creation and the transfer of resources those dynamics are cemented even under the law and the country's legislative body including the principle of female hypo-agency. Under the juridical system men are subjected for example to forced financial fatherhood and institutionalized cuckoldry as explained above. In the U.S. Forced financial fatherhood for one child, for instance, typically claims about 25% of a man’s income for at least eighteen years under the deceptive label “child support.” U.S. courts have forced financial fatherhood upon a man even against a written preconception contract assuring the unmarried man simple sexual freedom. U.S. courts have forced financial fatherhood upon a man even when the man became a biological father as a result of the mother’s fraud against him. U.S. courts have forced financial fatherhood upon men who have become biological fathers as a result of being raped. Particularly in the context of extensive public support for abortion rights and planned parenthood, such actions under law indicate deeply entrenched anti-men gender bias. Lack of public concern about forced financial fatherhood and men’s lack of reproductive rights exemplifies social devaluation of men’s lives.[1]

Furthermore, the same system of courts regularly deprives fathers of meaningful relationships with their children through discriminatory child custody decisions. Those decisions commonly reduce fathers to nothing more than wallets and visitors to their child at the whim of the child’s mother. Moreover, the right to receive “child support” is the custodial parent’s right. The custodial parent which is the mother has no legal obligations to spend “child support” income on supporting the child. The size of “child support” payments varies directly not with the child’s need for support, but with the non-custodial parent’s income and very often not proportional to the father's income and his new financial situation. Many children in the U.S. live in poverty. Many children in the U.S., particularly African-American children, lack a meaningful relationship with their father. In many countries the situation for fathers and their children is even worse than in the U.S. Children don’t have effective rights to even poverty-level financial support and a meaningful relationship with their father [2]

Moreover, after conception, to add insult to injury, women can totally relinquish parental responsibility by having an abortion. Making a “best interests of the child” claim against an adult’s choice about whether to become a parent shows that nothing limits “best interests of the child” claims. With equal justification, courts could impose payments on grandparents to support the “best interests of the child.” Or why not impose payments on a whole village?[3] Forced financial fatherhood shows social support for transferring resources from men to women even under fraud. The father as financial provider is a gender stereotype deeply entrenched in culture which makes it clear that the biological father is legally required not only to be financial provider to the child, but also financial provider to the mother. Forced financial fatherhood is effectively gender-targeted financial punishment of men for having sex. Men have also relatively poor contraceptive options. In fact, reality is that they have no reproductive rights at all. Men are subject to socially constructed paternity ignorance, state-institutionalized cuckolding procedures for paternity establishment, and forced financial fatherhood. Revealing deep gender bias, these outrageous injustices are matters of almost no public concern {4}!

To sum it up, it is important to remember that the incentive behind this dynamic at the evolutionary level of Gynocentrism is that of the survival of the species. Therefore, at this level in itself there's nothing wrong with it and that's the evolutionary reality upon which the social convention and the cultural construct of the man as a provider relies upon, while it also encapsulates the insight and the ancient gynocentric culture's and society's rational of not pushing it too far and thus being less oppressive and less exploitative in their orientation towards men. The problem begins when the transfer of resources is used not for the legitimate cause of the survival of the species but for female privileges and the creation of an exalted and superior class of female overlords while men are aimed at satisfying each and every single whim of them. And while this is the heritage of classic Gynocentrism II, feminism is the epitome of gynocentrism, its third stage, and leading to its final solution which is gynocentrism IV and the creation of the future feminist matriarchy!


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