• Yoav Levin

Pressuring men into more domestic work, childcare and the feminization of men

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021

Why men are already doing more than their fair share of family chores, how it is used to exploit men and why it is related to the male suicide epidemic - on the nature of the free time gap and the feminist myth of patriarchal oppression of women in the domestic sphere!

In the past and even today, although the dynamics described here began much earlier, when the opportunities for business and industrial employment in high-wage countries have faded, many economists have turned to the service industry to get out of the recession. These economists, who were highly influenced by feminist propaganda and gynocentric indoctrination, did not relate to the fact that much of the expansion of the service economy was due to the annexation of the none monetary (none paid) economy of households and communities. Since such changes provided women with new opportunities of paid employment, they are blessed and presented today by feminists and the mainstream establishment as a victory for women's equality. However, as we will see, this scam was based on a misandrist premise that by using gynocentric guilt as well as wile to manipulate men, they could be conditioned and indoctrinated into doing more domestic work while also the deluded idea that the none monetary economy which always existed alongside with the monetary one as the extenuation of the female informal power could be hidden and then successfully destroyed.

Anyway, instead of promoting a real and a new social contract between men and women, feminist have not only ruined economy itself but also the web and infrastructure of male and female relationship by putting more pressure on women both in terms of working outside the home as well as still having to perform all the domestic duties while on the other side putting more pressure on men to work more and more hours outside the home as well as through the combined amount of male duties widening even more the free time gape that against the prevailing myths as we will show was always to the detriment of men not women.

Furthermore, as standing opposed to feminist myths, families and communities used in historical terms to operate financially within an environment that can be defined as none monetary economy rather than in paid professions and jobs. Based and being rooted in the domain of informal power this does not mean that female work wasn't as valued or appraised as the one of men but that it was compensated in different ways rather than being payed with a salary. The fact, that women control on behalf of this informal power and its subsequent privileges most of the nation's wealth and thus family resources and finances has to do with this dynamic.

Thus social as well as economic functions that previously were provided by neighbors for each other, by women to the community or by mothers and wives to their families based on love, care and nurturing (and by giving women the control over the subsequent and relating resources) this everything was now subjected to the monetary economy where even its effectiveness is highly questioned. For example, many children grow up today in commercial day care centers or stay at home or on streets without supervision from an adult. Many women, who have begun to work as an expression of the choices they can make, find themselves connected to low-paying or unsatisfactory jobs and whose families have become increasingly dependent on them. In such environment men are forced to compensate for the lack of money and the high expenses due to the female abstinence from home, do this additionally to the increased pressure on them and thus more and more losing their personal freedom due to less and less free time especially as compared to women and in what we call the free time gap.

Understanding the modern environment in its historical development we read in the Finnish research of Pasi Malmi on misandry and the discrimination of men that "according to Nancy Frasier, society of justice will allocate free time equally between the genders (Frasier 2000, see Julkunen 2002). In order to evaluate the fairness of the distribution of free time among genders, it is important to concentrate on families with two adults, or to compare the availability of free time for male and female single custodians. This choice of emphasis is based on the fact that single men and women have the right to clean up their home as much or as little as they wish, according to their own choices. Also, it is pragmatic to concentrate on people with relatively small children, as this is the phase of life when free time is a scarce resource, and its equal division between the genders is maximally important".

"According to the Eurostat Study" as the Finnish research states “Time use at different stages of life”, men with young children have less free time than their spouses in most European countries (Eurostat 2003)." This study refutes the falsely ingrained gynocentric and misandrist myth that women do a harder Job at home with children while having less time for themselves than their husbands. For long time, this basic myth was held as almost endless burning material to fuel misandry, to demonize as well as de-humanize men. First, the study refutes and puts an end to the long held view that men do not equally contribute to their children as do their mothers. In fact, by being outside the home men not only contribute but enable both the survival as well as material, financial and mental wellbeing of the mother and child, normally at the expense of one's own. It also refutes the notion of men using women as slaves at home while they're enjoying the good life and are running away from participating in doing their share of the domestic work and house chores. The other notion refuted here is that which blames men of not being involved enough in their children's life. And in sum, it refutes the claim of men's selfish core as being hedonistic pigs who only think about sex, watching movies and getting drunk.

When coming to refuting the feminist lies of the unfair portion of the domestic duties assigned to women as a part of the patriarchal conspiracy to exploit them we need to take a few things in account. In order to take advantage of men and gain more unearned privileges for women, feminist, for example, falsely manipulate data and hide the fact that men have less free time than women while on the other hand over-emphasizing the domain of domestic work. Under their own definition domestic work hasn't been divided equally in the couple's life, while they ignore that there is lack of fairness towards men as to an equal division of free time. Women may have more single duties that may be dispersed over a long span of time but in sum it is not more than what men contribute. The feminist emphasis on manipulating the realm of domestic work as to present a false narrative of women's exploitation by men is rooted in the fact that women tend to do more domestic work according to statistics as we see. Yet, this is superficial view when not examining details and going into the depth dynamics. This, however, because of the nature of male chores assigned to men, that we are going to discuss immediately, ignores, on the other hand, that men are likely to have less amount of free time which is more significant for dealing with stress and difficulties. The truth that feminist manipulate is that men tend to have less free time than women, according to statistics and research as we have discussed above and will continue to discuss below.

Anyway, before discussing the nature of male chores assigned to men, it is important to remember that women staying home from work, are privileged in the sense that they have more free time than men, and may concentrate on consumption instead of earning. In other words, women are working less, they do not only spend money that wasn't earned by them as they also control most of the nation's wealth and thus the family resources and finances, not only they are consuming more and controlling it but they also can chose if they want to work, how much they want, which type of work (they'll not do the dirty and bone breaking work) but no matter what they'll chose nothing of the mentioned above will be lost and in any case they will continue to hold all of their privileges while enjoying them in the significantly more free time they have.

Now a few statistics: men with children work longer hours than women in most Western welfare states. As I mentioned in my other article on the myth of the Scandinavian happiness those are men who are paying for those delusions with their health, physical and mental, as well as with their life, whether it's death at work or the epidemic of male suicide. "The daily work in these figures includes paid work, domestic work, studying, charity work, and time spent on commuting (derived from Eurostat 2003). In the USA, men tend to work 17 minutes more per day on average than women, when counting together the time spent on paid work and domestic work. As we have said above, according to the Eurostat Study Time use at different stages of life”, men with young children have less free time than their spouses in most European countries (Eurostat 2003)"

These feminist lies which typically follow a pattern of misandrist incitement "are usually presented in a normative manner, falsely hinting that men should spend more time on domestic work and childcare. In some countries such as Spain, entire laws have been written to oblige men to do more homework. These policies, however, are not based on solid data on the availability of free time to men and women in welfare states". As I have showed through studies and data, in most western welfare states, men with small children seem to have less free time than women with small children. "Yet, the public policies pressure men into doing more domestic work and more childcare, which would lead to an increasingly disadvantaged status of the men, assuming that the amount of free time is used as a measure of the equal status of men and women in families". Although, the current misandrist landscape of human society already drives in an epidemic manner this w ill only fuel more and more male suicide as it will leave less time to men to rejuvenate and take care of themselves

The idea of women’s double burden is so popular in our gynocentric and misandrist society, that the majority of respondents of a Finnish pilot study agreed with the statement, according to which “Women in families with small children tend to have far less free time than the men in these families” while in addition to the study mentioned above yet another empirical study "suggested that men in general tend to have 73 minutes less free time per day, compared to their spouses". In addition, we have mentioned and demonstrated a few of the reasons why men have less free time than women. Additionally, we can add some which expose the exploitative, the slave alike, nature of the male chores assigned to men. As we said, men not only work longer hours but often have more than one job.

The commuting time is naturally not something to be paid but leaving it out of consideration as to the duties of the husband is plain and simple misandry. Besides, most of the "outside the home chores" like dealing with various institutions, financial obligations to be taken care of and many others are not only done by men, very often done after work. Also here it is not only the time spent on the specific chore which sometimes does not require a long time but in most of the cases commuting between those various chores requires much more time than commuting between two different works. And those are only a few more examples.

In addition, "some other similar myths of women’s oppressed status were also identified and spotted even in official documents of the equality policy. Although such beliefs that hide the equality problems of men seem to be promoted by several feminists and scholars of women’s studies, the field of feminism is very diverse and also contains male friendly branches, which question the more radical, misandrist and discriminative discourses. Yet, the public policies pressure men into doing more domestic work and more childcare, which would lead to an increasingly disadvantaged status of the men, assuming that the amount offree time is used as a measure of the equal status of men and women in families"

"It must also be noted that the vast majority of the respondents in the studies that surveyed the prevalence of the myths about the alleged lack of free time of women refuted by the studies that I brought were teachers of women’s studies. This means that we can estimate that the less academic feminists would to support" due to feminist pseudo-science and political indoctrination, not true academic research, scientifically false and questionable statements", even more commonly than everybody else. Thus many of the women coming from the feminist pseudo-science faculties of women's studies do not only continue later to work in the academic world but control media and thus this public discourse. This further seeps into all human aspects of society and permeates the misandrist popular as well as cultural narrative. It is where this vicious cycle of misandry in popular culture and discourse starts and end.

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