• Yoav Levin

Japan's Feminism Is A Ticking Time Bomb

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021

Japan is a special country. It is on several levels! One of the special things about Japan, unlike most of the world, is the fact that they locked themselves almost hermetically up to immigration, especially the degenerating Muslim immigration (Islam is banned and forbidden by law in Japan!!!) The result is that Japan is a huge laboratory in which, unlike Europe, is giving us the possibility to see the devastating impact feminism has on society in demographic as well as existential terms – not hidden and disguised by Muslim immigration. It is this fact that the European feminist welfare state collaborates with radical Islam – namely to cover up and hide their tracks in destroying the western culture, heritage and society. So, from a country that was composed of Samurais and brave soldiers who were fierce fighters, a country that later became a model for a growing, modern economy, which in the seventies was the object of envy all over the world, so from such a country Japan became a sinking state and is facing a terrible demographic crisis that is not expected to end. Since the early 1990s, Japan has been sinking. It is not because of the normal business cycle of recession / growth but a deep and continuous bottomless despair for a third decade in a row. All the government's efforts to kick-start the economy again, whether by spending or by free money for loans, nothing helps. If you look at real economic models, those who try to look for reasons rather than politically correct, you will find that there is almost one-to-one correlation to any economic decline - demography, or rather, the destruction of the family institution and the destruction of birth caused by feminist misandry, hate and vanity. This is the result of feminist state indoctrination, maybe the most vile and evil experiments in human history

If there are no young people - there is no demand for new real estate, the real estate market is dead. If there are no young people, there is no demand for consumer goods and all production is directed abroad for export. Great now, economic disaster in the future! If there are no young people, the spirit of the nation dies. There is no economic growth and no vibrant society. If there are no young people, there are no new members joining the pension funds. There are only newcomers to those funds - the elderly - without young people who will support and pay for them. The result is the economic death of the financial and capital market. Japan is indeed as we can see an aging country with almost no significant young generation. And unlike the European countries, especially Germany, they did not adopt the migration model to compensate with Muslim immigration for the lack of birth. This on the other hand won’t help but rather create a future immigration crisis and the downfall of the western society by the Muslim barbarians from the east. Therefore, the collapse of the family institution in Japan, which caused the descent of the birthrate, was expressed in full and difficulty - not hidden by Muslim immigration. The Japanese men, as a result of this feminist transformation of Japanese society, had escaped now any contact with women - no lasting sexual relations, no marriage, and certainly not having children .Japanese men, once proud martial artists, Samurais and fierce fighters, have gone their own way stating that they’re afraid of women; they become MGTOW's! As a result sexual satisfaction of the Japanese straight men was found in the flourishing porn industry in Japan. This situation is not caused by the porn, but is a result of the situation caused by the feminist state and the implemented misandry in their official programs.

The truth is that Japanese men ran away from the Japanese feminist women. As we've said, one of the results is the porn industry. When young women and men (20-30) do not get married and do not have children, the society gets old and there are not enough young people to replace the elderly. When the gross birthrate is less than 2.1 children per woman, which is the minimum rate of survival, society collapses and has no real ability to recover (unless you adopt polygamy, which is impossible in any modern society). There simply is not enough fertile life to catch up. To demonstrate the disaster, let's take a look at another western country namely Austria (about 8 million Austrians), yet Austria has an extremely high rate of old Austrian people over the age of 60 completely disproportional to young Austrians while again there is a huge disproportion to young immigrants that by percentage outnumber them. The result for the future is clear and gloomy: the death of the original Austrian society within two generations. In Germany, where the phenomenon is even more difficult, they try to prevent the death of German women by replacing the population with Muslim immigrants, who tend to bring many more children and marry many women through polygamy. This at the end will destroy Germany too which will become a Muslim country with the ISIL flag waving over the German parliament. Another country that faced the same demographic danger yet perfectly faced and dealt with it is Russia. In the 1990s Russia suffered from a similar problem as Japan, the collapse of the population. From a country where the population of Russia (not the Soviet Union, Russia!) was about 170 million after World War II it sank to a country of a collapsing population close to only 140 Million. There are many reasons for this problem, including alcoholism, but the two main reasons for this decline and danger for the Russian society has been treated by Putin with an iron fist on the one hand, namely banning organized Homosexuality from the public sphere as well as putting radical feminists who spread misandry behind bars and in jail while on the other the Russian state is very encouraging and generous in its birth policies, including financial support for heterosexual couples who marry and have many children.

The results are the beginning of rehabilitation of Russia's population and in recent years even the beginning of population growth – most importantly not through fake and artificial Muslim migration that will destroy the Russian history, heritage and society including the nation and the Russian state itself. The Russians succeeded in this by defining demographic failure caused by the insane feminist misandry as the greatest threat to their national security, together with an uncompromising war against Islam and Muslim degeneration (we have all in the west a little to learn from them). Truth must be said that all of the other western countries are following in the footsteps of Japan but not the successful one of Russia in threating the feminist decadence, danger and threat to our national and existential security. This phenomenon of men going their own way is common not only in Japan. Today, it is the most widespread phenomenon in most Anglo-Saxon countries where this feminist misandry has deep roots in society. In Canada, the United States and Australia the phenomenon is flourishing and spreading at a crazy pace. In Australia there are already boys going their own way and the United States is known as a bachelor nation (see for example Helen Smith in Marriage Strike). It is true that there is no other choice to do so as tactically to protect and defend ourselves, our brothers and our sons from the feminist hate mongers, but from a strategic point of view, we must act in every legal and non-violent way to eradicate and stop those fascist policies against men rooted in the feminist misandry. In every corner of the globe, where feminism has taken roots, it has become an existential threat to the society. And this has to stop. Let's not deceive ourselves that this will not happen to us. The Feminist misandry and movement is still here and poses a threat to everyone. If we will not succeed in stopping the feminist insanity with their narcissist laws and outspoken misandry they will probably succeed in bringing every one of us into the awful club of self degenerating and collapsing Western countries such as Japan.

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