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Gynocentric Axiology

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021

Gynocentric Axiology: (from Greek ἀξία, axia, "value, worth"; λογία, -logia; Greek and γυνή, “female” – Latin centrum, “centered” ) is the aspect or axiom of gynonormative values attributed to life, culture, society, human relations and interaction, processes and phenomena as well as reality itself and it goes hand in hand with the collective gynocentric ethics and aesthetics. It is best observed not only within the gynocentric dynamic but especially in feminism which equates the female/feminine with purity and goodness and the male/masculine with the evil and demonic.

Gynocentric ethics can exist both in terms of formal as well as informal, overt and covert, displays and they address the concepts of "right" and "good" in individual as well as the collective, the private as well as public and social conduct. Aesthetics studies the concepts of "beauty" and "harmony." Gynocentric Axiology is perceived and seen ontologically and applied epistemologically. It can serve both as a constant or an axis. Gynocentric axiology is the very basis as well as part of the metaphysical frame of gynocentrism, feminism, and especially the concepts of Chivalry and the modern gynocentric gender roles which assume the superior moral and human status of women.

Gynocentric Axiology also refers to female ‘aims’ and needs as having more value, urgency, and importance than those of men. In simple terms, gynocentric axiology focuses upon that which we need to focus on personal life as well as a society from the narrow point of view of women. It is linked and closely tied with the obsession of women's rights while denying the basic human right of men and at their expense. This is important because those values shape both societies as our very personal life. Gynocentric axiology is concerned, therefore, with the values that are the preferences made by us based on what we consider ‘good’ in various fields of personal, private as well as public and collective life

Encompassing all aspects of life and being obsessed with women rights while dismissing those of men gynocentric axiology emphasize through a cherry-picking and selective interpretation of reality based upon gynocentric epistemology female needs all along the political frontline of activity and female advocacy like Health, Bodily, Recreational • Education • Economic Values • Social values • Moral Values • Aesthetic Values • Intellectual Values • Religious Values • political values • Cultural Values and many more. As standing to classic axiology, gynocentric axiology isn’t in the pursuit of truth and objectivity but is mobilized and a form of political and social activism.

The subdivision of gynocentric ethics within the realm of gynocentric axiology emphasizes and specifically advocates the explicit values important to women in the realm of human conduct. Thus, gynocentric ethics and axiology evaluate human habits, character as well as voluntary and involuntary (conditioned) determination including their propriety”. Gynocentric values and axiology deals, advocates and promotes, therefore, female incentives within the realm and field such as (a)What is good for women? (b)How a man should behave (the concept of "good" or "real" vs. "bad", "not" "real" ones? (c)What is right for the benefit of women? (d)What is morally wrong as concerning women. Gynocentric Axiology deals also with the universal aspect but from a gynocentric point of view first.

The subdivision of gynocentric aesthetics within the realm of gynocentric axiology emphasizes and specifically advocates the values a) regarding the realm of beauty; b) the art and experience of beauty; c) the beautiful aspects of life, conduct, and behavior; c) physical beauty including what is considered and accepted by society as beautiful. It, further, discusses such questions as (a) what is beauty in itself? (b) which should be appraised, both by the individual as well as society as a whole? (c) What is the importance of beauty in human life? (d) the cultural expression of those aesthetics as a sum. (E) personal, familial, collective, cultural condition as well as social engineering. It is a crucial element in gynocentric sexonomics and women being the natural as well as sexual selection.

Gynocentric axiology can be found as values everywhere in education, formal and informal as well as every aspect of life and reality. Thus, by using values. The mother evaluates the children; b) the bride and wife evaluate the groom and husband; c) Teachers evaluate students. D) The community evaluates its members. D) Society evaluates communities and individuals. In fact, “Axiological thinking” or “thinking on values” is unavoidable and it is a wider part of human conditioning through education, personal as well as collective, formal as well as informal, including social conditioning and engineering while beginning with the mother it runs over the axis of gynocentric axiology beginning from the mother in the gynocentric household unit of private gynocentrism and ending up in the collective forms of public gynocentrism.

It is important to understand that we all possess those gynocentric values that guide our thoughts, actions, and behaviors in every aspect and field of life i.e., personal, social, intellectual, and emotional. We are involved in axiological thinking in every moment, intentionally or unintentionally and it is the heritage of being imbued with gynocentric values not only by our mothers by birth but also other related women like aunts, sisters, grandmothers, female stuff in school and kindergarten and so on. At almost every moment of our waking life, whether consciously and mostly un- or subconsciously, we are busy in “axiological thinking” or “thinking on value” when we refer to such notions as • “Success” and “Failure” (for what women want or need) • “Progress” and “ Regress” (for what advances female needs or wants or not) • “Better” and “Worse” (from the female point of view) • “More efficient” and “less efficient” (for the benefit of women)• “Needed” and “Not Needed” (for women)• “More important” and “Less Important” (for female incentives)

Cross Gynocentric Axiology: combines all elements and can be seen in concepts like the beauty and the beast

Formal Gynocentric Axiology: is the attempt to lay out principles regarding value with scientific rigor as is often attempted by academic feminism.

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