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Feminism and its gynocentric roots in the animal kingdom

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021

The jungle roots of #metoo and its dynamics in nature!

This article and footage here that depict an attack of female lionesses on a male member of the pride has been circulating for a while on the internet. The actual scence was captured by visitors in an African Safari and you can see it here:

However, to understand the profound dynamics we have to start from the beginning. It will give us insight in such phenomena as male disposability, power distribution as well as human social hierachies that are defined by females as well as females indoctrinating Alpha (and other) concepts in males including the use of violence with their respective roots in nature.

The following discussion begins with an article that has surveyed a two year conducted Swiss research in south Africa actually on vervet monkeys before we return to lions. I am going to quote the most important findings from this research as described in the original article and explain the importance of the findings. So, let's start:

"Female vervet monkeys manipulate males into fighting battles by lavishing attention on brave soldiers while giving noncombatants the cold shoulder, researchers said Wednesday"

This is an extremely important finding and statement on many levels. It is important not only in terms of the above underlying notion that male strategies depend on female behavior but specifically that Alpha male archetypes are in fact a male response to female indoctrination rather than being a male necessity which is also true for chimpanzees whereas based on other necessities Beta traits are female necessities and exploitation of males like in the Bonobos (hence females need less external resources so they keep the internal ones for themselves, keeping males out of those resources while fighting over them between the females themselves - which once again shows that it is a female need rather than being a male rational and incentive.

Furthermore, this dynamic shows us also the typical manipulation of men through controlling and giving the males access to sex which makes females to obtain the most important power dynamic namely that of the informal one. This on the other hand shows two aspects:

a) If animal do it, it is not a social construct but rather a biological evolutionary survival aspect

b) our structures are in harmony with the nature and animal kingdom so it is once again not a patriarchal construct but a universal law of species which makes it even more reliable.

"As in humans, it turns out, social incentives can be just as big a driver for male monkeys to go to war as the resources they stand to gain from fighting, whether it be territory or food"

Again this is an extremely important finding. Not only that it refutes the feminist lies that men are responsible for wars but it also show that male violence is basically a female indoctrination rather than a problem of "toxic masculinity". Furthermore, it gives an empirical evidence to yet another research that proved that in the last 500 years female queens waged wars more than kings at approximately 27% more. It is again an empirical evidence that based on the female needs for resources male violence and aggression is evoked through social engineering in males to accommodate female needs rather those of men. In fact, it can be seen and considered an empirical basis and evidence of the female roots of the later concept of male chivalry

"Ours is the first study to demonstrate that any non-human species use manipulative tactics, such as punishment or rewards, to promote participation in intergroup fights," study co-author Jean Arseneau, a primate specialist of the University of Zurich, told AFP"

And this is the statement that based on empirical findings proves that all of this is female social indoctrination and engineering of males

"They observed that after a skirmish with a rival gang, usually over food, females would groom males that had fought hardest, while snapping at those that abstained. When the next battle came along, both those singled out for attention and those aggressively shunned would participate more vigorously in combat, the researchers reported in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B"

This is an important insight into how the Alpha archetype in males has been instilled by females and into its very dynamics

"Thus, females appear to use grooming as a reward for participation and aggression as punishment for defection", said Arseneau"

Again, a mind blowing resemblance to human female tactics in using sexuality for their benefit.

"Success in battle ensures control over territory and food sources -- a key concern for females, who take care of the young"

This yet another evidence that through basic gynocentrism male violence is instilled in men so they can accommodate female needs and necessities.

"But why would males risk involvement in a potentially high-stakes battle just for a bit of female attention? It's all about sex, the researchers believe."

The answer is of course evident. The mix of sex as well as the survival of the specie is the driving force behind those dynamics.

"Receiving punishment" for not taking part in battles "could damage the... male's social relationship(s)" with females in the group, the researchers wrote. On the other hand, being rewarded could "potentially signal to other female group members that the... male is a valuable social partner", likely boosting "male mating success".

And this not only gives us an insight into the above dynamics but also once again into the very basic dynamic of how the Alpha male archetype is indoctrinated in males by females even if it does not benefit them at all.

For the better overview when we sum up the Swiss research on the vervet monkeys, this is how this dynamic looks like and is depicted in the research: "Success in battle ensures control over territory and food sources — a key concern for females, who take care of the young. Female vervet monkeys manipulate males into fighting battles by lavishing attention on brave soldiers while giving noncombatants the cold shoulder, researchers said"

"Males are larger than females and have longer canine teeth, making their presence valuable in the front lines. After a skirmish with a rival gang, usually over food, females would groom males that had fought hardest, while snapping at those that abstained. When the next battle came along, both those singled out for attention and those aggressively shunned would participate more vigorously in combat, according to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B."

"Receiving punishment” from females for not taking part in battles “could damage the male’s social relationship(s)” either with the female in question or “other female group members”, the researchers wrote. On the other hand, being rewarded could “potentially signal to other female group members that the male is a valuable social partner”, likely boosting “male mating success”. This is how the Alpha indoctrination takes place in nature and is conditioned in male through female social engineering. Here you can read more about this research:

Now, how does this work in human societies? Here, we have excellent historical accounts which once again proves that at its deepest, most profound, level also male violence is the result and workings of female indoctrination. So, on Purple Motes, Douglas Ghalbie's, website we find the following account. We read: “What would you do when someone comes to kill you?” women chanted to men. “We will kill them,” men chanted in response. Then, on September 16, 2014, in a farming village in West Africa, villagers killed eight men from outside the village. The men who were killed came to the village to teach about the health risks of Ebola. The men who were killed were local officials, doctors, journalists, and a popular pastor. By the way, this is also exactly what Boko Haram resist and the type of men they kill.

"Early Arabic poetry", continues Douglas Ghalbie, directly faces women inciting men to kill other men. A well-recognized genre of early Arabic poetry is lament for the dead. Such a lament is called marthiya. Among Arabic poets born in the pre-Islamic period, the most famous writer of marthiya is the woman poet al-Khansā. In a marthiya for her brother Sakhr, killed in inter-tribal fighting, al-Khansā described him as “a spearhead whose blade illuminates the night.” Men warriors, particularly those who take on the most dangerous missions, are today also figured as the tip of the spear". They are the point of impact for a weapon that women direct". Here you can read the full article which elaborates and explains those dynamics in more details:

Now, let's go back to lions and observe these dynamics there. An article in the "Mirror" depicts another story (in a different Safari) where a lion at Knowsley Safari Park in Merseyside has been put down after the females in his pride killed him because he was old. The male lion was badly injured after the attack and put to sleep. "Knowsley's team of experts explained:

"In the wild, male lions are in their prime between the ages of five to 10 years and Kenya, at almost 18 years old, was quite old. Kenya was attacked by the female lions of the pride indicating that Kenya's place as pride male was no longer secure.This is natural behaviour for a pride when the male is no longer able to maintain the grace of the females."

The Safari park staff of experts also added: "the current group of female lions are a "nice age mix" and had no need to breed so they would not be bringing in another breeding male in the near future. The way that Kenya was rejected by the females implies that this was a choice based on natural instincts and behaviours.

First of all, as with the vervet monkeys it shows once again the basics of evolutionary gynocentrism proving that females control sex and thus having the womb being the natural as well as sexual selction. This is the basis to all dynamics we will be discussing below.

It is also interesting to see and recognize the well- know exploitative dynamic that men are subjected to in human society namely being the cannon fodder and the protective shield, the sperm bank and donnor as well as the attempt to ruin the man's life after he's done the work, basically him being a disposable tool that now can be thrown away.

The staff also further explained the next phenomenon: "change of pride male does have an impact on the social hierarchy in the pride, however much depends on the presence of a strong female who is able to keep all members in place. This is a natural process that would happen in the wild"

That's the basics of the dynamic that I will be discussing below and the root of bioligical as well as social - cultural gynocentrism (which exploits the former one) and the power distribution in human societies between the genders where formal power stems from the informal one, is approved by it and thus is not only subordinated but more weak and vulnerable from the both types of power. Both, in nature in the animal kingdom, as we can see, as well as in the human realm, those are women who control the informal power while men the formal one.

We also see that the social status of men is defined and maintained by women thus those are also once again women who control social power and status not men. In the end, whether Alpha or Beta, it is a female indoctrination. In fact, Alphas and Betas are not really that different and end in the same way. As we see, these footages and dynamics depict the inevitable end not only of the Beta but Alpha too. They are also not different because the one is slave to the female's genitals and the other through his wallet. In fact, they are the two sides of the same coin.

"Lions live in a pride comprising of related females who remain members of a pride long-term. Male lions become a member of the pride because the females accept him as such. As a result, the life of a male lion is much more socially precarious than that of the females. The lion has to win the grace of the females to become their pride male and usually will only be able to remain the pride male for three to five years, and Kenya, at almost 18 years old, was an old man."

This last paragraph practically embodies and incorporates the corner stones of gynocentric societies both in nature as well as the human ones. It basically shows the male disposability in both realms, it clearly highlights the central position of females in societies and hierarchies that are centered around them, serving and giving them security on behalf of male disposability.

It also shows that male "formal power" and the superficial appearance of "male dominance" is based, relies upon and is rooted in a myth rather a corresponding reality - not only in human societies but also in the animal kingdom whereas it depends in fact on the female informal power. Thus the human societal dynamic in which women control men and male power through informal power and sex is rooted in nature itself

Modern cultural as well as societal gynocenteism and feminism aim at exploiting this dynamic furthermore to extremity. While ancient human societies as S. C Rogers writes in her research understood this weakness of men and tried to balance and compensate it with a safety net for men, feminism aims at ripping any protection from men appart which it falsely labels as "privilege".

Feminism in all its forms and waves with its misandry is rooted in the same jungle laws as are depicted in the footage and the explanation in the "Mirror". Also human females indoctrinate men in the same way the females in nature are doing. However, while women in ancient societies were wise modern women, with feminist and extreme gynocentric and misandrist indoctrination are resorting at the attempt to destroy men's life.

So, after using them as cannon fodders (including the Alpha indoctrination), ATM's and sperm donor, this modern, in feminist misandry indoctrinated, females are destroying men's life not through actual killing, at least they advanced as much, but by ruining men's life through campaigns as =metoo or creating a culture of gender cleansing were men are driven through general and popular misandry to suicide. It's the same dynamic and here we could see its workings in nature through actual footage, media reportage and research.

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