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Exposing the abuse, the misandry, the hate and evil nature of polyamory!

עודכן: 7 בדצמ׳ 2021

A response to an article suggesting a way to manipulate men into polyamory!

This article (the one that I address in the link below) is not only heavily skewed towards polyamory being a better lifestyle than monogamy which isn't true but it's perpetuating emotional as well as mental abuse and violence which despite the myths and feminist propaganda is polyamory's true nature. Ask yourself: if monogamy is sexual orientation so why should a monogamous reluctant husband be pushed into accepting the polyamorous wife's needs, even if it causes him discomfort, pain, and tremendous suffering?

Likewise, ask yourself, why is it legitimate to push reluctant partners into polyamory, especially men, but not the other way? That's because this shit accepts the feminist narrative and is part of the war against men and masculinity by the wife taking advantage of her being the natural and sexual selection thus heavily exaggerating and skewing the power dynamics to her favor. This is why as the article says it's normally women pushing towards polyamory, most men resist and some extreme cucks accept it.

This article suggests that a monogamist, even when he or she isn’t fully interested in pursuing polyamory, can and should be convinced, given literature, asked to consider accommodation, even lied to/exaggerated to (“you meet my needs” even if he or she doesn’t)! That is emotional as well as mental abuse and exploitation under the disguise of love and care. And why is it O.K. to do so to a monogamist but not a polyamorist? It's because polyamorists aren't creating a better world but that of lies, deceit, hate, hypocrisy, and violence.

However, specifically, this article is about brainwashing especially MEN into polyamory against their will and evolutionary incentive. Hence, it is brainwashing and against their will, there's hardly true consent on behalf of the husband here. And, yeah, lack of consent, in addition, to the general abuse perpetuated, is a form of rape. Every time this polyamory tart sleeps with her husband, she commits rape.

As my article addresses men, it is important to remember that the best way to deal with this abuse is not to go into any further discussions with those polyamory tarts because one risks being brainwashed and manipulated into this shit. The best reaction is to immediately file for divorce. Nothing good will come out of it and a man must be decisive in this situation. By the way, the polyamory men aren't much better than the polyamory women. They're the same filth of human excrement abusing their wives as are also women of this type.

However, as this polyamory tart (who wrote the article) says, polyamory is just mostly advanced by women (like her). So, most polyamory abuse comes from them. I can't, of course, speak on behalf of women but my advice would be the same to men and women: throw these narcissist abusers and hedonists to the curb.

So, I want now to address all the most important points and give here answers for those who might be not decisive enough so one can have an understanding of the manipulation and have an answer to withstand the act of cuckoldry and emasculation. I know I will be labeled as a misogynist but I don't give a shit. And regarding some of the labels concerning the oldest profession in the world, they are not directed at all women but specifically the ones engaging in polyamory.

So, let's start. I will first bring the relevant passage and afterward the answer. Note that I emphasized the article's claim and my answer comes below. So, let's begin:

"Despite feeling that exploring would satisfy her needs, she doesn’t want to hurt her partner or leave him"

It's true, she wants to eat the cake and leave it all. It's all about her needs but none of her husband. It's about what she can extort by paying the less prize. She doesn't give a shit whether about hurting or not hurting her partner but only about herself. She'll leave when time is right, meaning she gets from the other more than from both. It's a matter of time and her being hypergamous. So, in the meanwhile, that's only a show.

"She needs to find a way to satisfy her need to explore while ensuring that her relationship with her partner doesn’t break or is so damaged that it cannot recover"

So, instead of eating the cake and leave it whole, why not, actually, ethically divorce and have no string attached sex with as many partners as she wishes or be in a relationship with someone on the same level of stupidity, arrogance, bigotry, and evil as her. Why not granting the husband a favorable divorce instead of divorce raping him or take advantage of the heavily anti-men skewed system which makes it for the husband hard to leave and forcing them to accept the polyamory abuse hurled at him by someone who used to be a wife and now became a polyamory tart. First, because it's all about her need second it's so until time comes and she will leave to divorce and screw him over in the divorce courts.

"In the best circumstance, working through their differences is an opportunity for both of them to grow and become stronger in their relationship"

This is bullshit, hence, hedonism rooted in hypergamy and the husband's destruction isn't growth. Ah, and why isn't working through their differences so she gives up her polyamory bullshit so that they grow and become stronger in their relationship? Oh, yes, it's all about her needs.

"One way to start the conversation is by talking about the ways you are already open to other relationships. Perhaps you have opposite-sex friends you socialize with. Perhaps you have exes that you still talk to. You may be surprised to learn that few monogamous relationships are truly monogamous, most are open to some sort of emotional/social/physical intimacy with others"

This is not only mind games but gaslighting. Talking to people of the opposite sex and socializing with them isn't polyamory and cheating unless the flirt and take it further.

"Emphasize polyamory’s potential benefits to you, your partner, and your relationship. In general, polyamory can help couples…Have meaningful relationships that they wouldn’t otherwise have"

Polyamory is about exploiting other people seeing them nothing but as objects, for sex or otherwise. Polyamory is only about hedonism and sex and nothing meaningful to anyone of you. Why not talking about the advantage of monogamy like putting the partner's needs over that of your, loyalty, working on your hedonism, becoming more humble, less attached, less, greedy, not only thinking of yourself and your needs. Oh, I see, it's all about her needs.

"Experience sexual and intellectual variety and learn new skills that can be used to enhance their relationship"

More deeply and in different ways variety, as well as other skills, can be experienced and developed in monogamy. And intellectual variety has nothing to do with whoring around. When having sex, you involve other parts of the body and the intellectual ones in the brain but polyamorist idiots can't understand it.

"Meet some unmet needs which would allow each to be a happier and better partner" Unmet needs should be discussed with partners and met within the relationship. Polyamorist hedonists not wanting to invest in the partner but taking advantage of them doesn't benefit anyone but themselves.

"Build a community of friends and lovers that add enjoyment to their lives and support in times of need"

True support, especially in times of need, can't be expected from hedonists who prefer to whore around than investing in their relationship. True support doesn't come from hedonistic whoring around and polyamory cretins. They come from those who selflessly overcome it.

"Once you are ready to express your desire to look for a relationship, reassure your partner that it does not have to do with their inadequacies, but that your desire for other relationships is independent of your primary relationship"

Of course, being unwilling to invest what's needed in the relationship but hedonistically approaching an easier path of self-indulging and at the expanse of the partner, it's clear that it's independent of the primary source of exploitation. Thus, only an infantile cuck bye into the bullshit that it isn't an inadequacy that could be resolved with proper work and isn't a ground for cheating but is used against the husband by cuckolding and emasculating him.

"Affirm what is good in your relationship and your desire to maintain it" It's an affirmation of what's good and proper for her exploitation, not about her husband and her love for him. And of course, it's a lie and gaslighting. In other words, it's emotional and mental abuse.

"Even if your desire to explore is related to an unfulfilled need or inadequacy, frame it as an accommodation to your partner and a solution to your problem"

That's what I said. For the sake of your hedonism and perks, manipulate and lie to your husband instead of working together on the problems or putting your partners' needs above your own. Or vice versa amicably divorce the husband by granting him a favorable divorce instead of abusing him. That's the shallow and evil hedonism of polyamory. "For example, if your partner is not comfortable with the idea of you dating, start by looking at online dating profiles together, then create one together. Make it clear in your profile that you are already in a relationship and exploring, and that you are not looking to replace your current partner"

In other words, instead of ethically and amicably parting your ways, manipulate and force your husband into polyamory step by step and lie that you're not looking to replace him until the time come, then divorce rape him, takes his children and all assets and money, preferably after you got pregnant from your lover. This works the best with a false allegation. By the way, she does replace him anyway, by just using him as a chattel and giving the quality time to the other polyamory piece of shit.

"The reluctant partner may feel as if the exploring partner is leaving him behind for a new relationship...."

It's a fact and a matter of time. Maybe, haven't found yet a better deal they'll stay but they'll more and more spend most quality time outside the primary relationship and constantly leave it even when in this case temporarily. They'll be back in the relationship to only let it technically going and at the end leave when time is right. And by the way, leaving him behind in the relationship is still being left behind. Plain and simple, emotional abuse.

", the act of listening and attending to the reluctant partner’s feelings reassures him that you still care...."

So, to maintain it they'll put on a show of listening and attending to the partner's feeling and falsely reassuring him that they still care.

At this point, they might manipulate you with questions aimed at playing with your masculinity. Here are some questions they might hurl at you and the answers to them: 1. Why does this make you upset/angry?

It makes us upset and angry, because evolutionary seen, it's taking advantage of her sexually elevated status because based on that status it aggravates the imbalance even more.

It makes us angry and upset because all of this and hypergamy sets the risk of the man's life is destroyed when divorce-raped and it enhances the chances of it and because if shit hits the fan and she brings bastards with the lover it's having to pay for it. It makes us angry and upset because, in the end, it's us as men have to take the risk, to finance that shit when it goes south while she has no consequences at all and because it's not our business to pay for another man's children.

2. Why are you resisting this?”

Because one shouldn't be a mangina, a spineless cuck but should throw those polyamory tarts to the curb.

3. “Why do you feel revulsion at someone touching your wife?

Because of the above evolutionary reasons and their consequences, because I'm not a cuck enjoying thoughts of potentially having to finance my wife's adultery and other men's children, and because I understand the female hypergamous nature which got here out of control. If I'm not satisfying AND she doesn't want to work on this IN the relationship NOT OUTSIDE, then she can fuck off. There are more decent women. 4. Why do you feel that polyamory is immoral?”

Polyamorists are evil, hedonistic abusers as we've seen. They lie, manipulate, take advantage of others, use them as an object for their self-gratification. They are shallow and wicked

5. Are you afraid that I don’t love you anymore”

Love isn't attachment. The hypergamous polyamory whore might be attached even not to him but specific perks she might extract from her husband. Only being attached doesn't mean loving someone. So, attached to the perks but doesn't live him. That's the manipulation in the question.

6. "Are you afraid that you are not good enough”

First, it's not about being afraid, a normal guy knows he's enough but for the specific hypergamous tart he isn't. It's not a reflection of him but her wickedness. It's even not necessarily the fear of being abandoned. For the sake of exploitation, she might stay. It's about not wanting to be a doormat.

7. "Are you afraid that you will be seen as a cuckold”

It's about how a man should see himself. Cuckold shouldn't be in the repertoire. And by the way, are you believing in the bullshit that you're oppressed? Then, I'm not a punching bag for your delusions 8. “Are you afraid of no longer having control”

It's about integrity, not control. Better losing control and even becoming homeless then sleeping in one bed with a whore.

9. Are you worried that I will love someone else more and leave you?

Being attached she might not leave and while not loving the husband might stay for the sake of benefits with both, exploiting the husband while at the same time when eating the cake and keeping the true quality time for the other man she truly loves. So whether she stays or not she doesn't love her husband

10. Do you have experiences with infidelity in your past that are influencing the way you feel?

This is a typical deflection.

11. Are you concerned about what others will think?

And are you concerned about what your feminazi girlfriends think? Again, it's about one's integrity that bothers me. Not the others.

12. Do you feel that you are losing control over our lives?

Again, better not to lose integrity while for the sake of keeping it there's no problem to lose anything.

13. Do you wonder if you did something wrong that caused this?

It's clear that it's the hypergamous nature, not us 14. Do you fear that being intimate with others will cause us to not want to be intimate with each other?

The fear is having to sleep with a whore who claims to be your wife. Sleeping with the abuser is the problem. Intimacy and sex will disappear but that's not the problem unless we stay. On the other side, she might try to bye you with and that' a problem too as it is not genuine.

Then the article continues to explain some ways to abuse the husband as having deflected the abuse as a response to common fears:

1. Feeling unloved: Franklin Veaux said that if his partner says she feels jealous, the first thing he says is, “Do you want to cuddle?” What does your partner need to feel loved? Physical affection? Sex? A romantic date? Words of love and affirmation? Maybe it’s doing him a favor or giving him a gift. Understand your partner’s “love language” and actively provide it to him.

As always, it's low bombing and buying them into complying with sex. It's not true, it's not genuine and it's abuse.

2. Fearing abandonment: You could reassure him of your love and commitment. Pull out your wedding vows and say them to him again. Visit the places where you fell in love, got engaged, or got married and reaffirm your commitment to each other. Spend quality time bonding. Remind him of the things that drew you to him.

Getting what you truly love from another piece of shit of polyamory hedonists cannot by definition be quality time with the husband. It's mind games. Exactly as the other bullshit mentioned above.

3. Feeling inadequate: Praise your partner and remind him of all the reasons you love him. Enlist your family and friends in expressing appreciation for him as well.

As said, it's about praising what can be extorted from this relationship from him. It's not about the husband and it's not about love. It's about to distract him from the truth that even if their inadequacies they'd needed to be dealt with in the relationship while all the while playing mind gamed to get him to suppress it. It's also not about love but attachment so she lies. She might want to suppress her hypergamous nature, but none of this will help

4. Feeling out of control: Keep your partner in the loop about your activities. Avoid drastic changes and keep your life as normal as possible. Discuss changes and shifting expectations before they happen.

This means the bullshit of manipulating him to think you care and as if it changes the essence 5. Feeling concerned about what others might think: Reassure him that you will wait until he feels comfortable before coming out about your poly status to others. Do not discuss your affairs with others that he feels uncomfortable sharing this with. Yeah, silently abuse him behind a close door because it benefits YOU to look better and thinking how good of a person you are while you're a misandrist tart, exploiting men. Of course, it has nothing to do with him not telling others yet it doesn't less the hurt. He should divorce her simultaneously show her abuse.

6. Think of polyamory as a scale. Every time that you come back from being with someone else, balance the scale by spending more time connecting and expressing love to your partner than you normally would. Together, brainstorm ways that the two of you can address concerns and feel safe moving forward. This simply means buying with love bombing. It isn't genuine. It's to technically maintain the relationship.

7. Help your partner find a lover. If your partner is open to exploring as well, helping him find a partner can accelerate his understanding of polyamory and enjoyment of its benefits. Browse online dating profiles together. Encourage him to pursue someone he is attracted to. Introduce him to people that he may be attracted to. Some exploring partners go so far as to insist that their reluctant partner explore new relationships first. The more you can demonstrate your lack of jealousy, the more he may do the same for you.

Don't fall into this bullshit. It won't make you feel better but will give her tons of ammunition for her abuse. She will use it to justify the abuse by telling you you're no better.

The Link to the article:


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