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Testosterone Is Not The Cause of Violence in Men; Female Indoctrination Is

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021

The following post is a refutation of the feminist misandrist claim that men suffer from "testosterone poisoning" and that it is this testosterone that is responsible for violence in men. While agree with Jordan Peterson and will try to elaborate here on his ideas I will not only refute this misandrist claim but will show that in fact violence among men is indoctrinated in them by women. First, we should remember in this regard that there is difference between violence, power/strength, aggression and assertiveness, for instance. While testosterone might be from great importance for the latter three, the former that is violence is started, prompted, originates or stems from the mental capacity not vice versa. In fact, maybe besides physical strength and power, all aspects mentioned above are a derivative of mind and our mentality not vice versa. Testosterone or for instance materiality of our body does not originate any action or deed of the body. No matter what the body does, what initiates actions of materiality is mind and our mentality; for instance, volition, intention, will and so in. Those are all mental factors and there are much more than these three. This is the basic interaction of body and mind and of course mentality affects materiality ( like psycho somatic interaction). If there is violence, the root of the problem or its cause is the mind, not the body (materiality). You can observe it by comparing any type of materiality/physicality lacking a mind/mental capacity as standing opposed to a human/living/sentient being. Materiality without a mind and mental capacity can't do anything and/or cause/give rise to at least a conscious, mindful and even an unconscious action/deed (as unconscious is still a mental and not a physical realm of our mind).

Second, the manipulation here is at least twofold. First, they mix the horse with the rider here or mix up between all the four elements and create false equivalency as if violence equals to the three others. It's not and it is not one and the same. While the three elements of assertiveness, strength /power and aggression are legitimate male attributes needed for survival and exist in men for evolutionary terms, violence is an attribute instilled in males by females. It was shown in a research in apes where female monkeys used wile to rally troops of males to fight battles. They did it by giving the more violent male monkeys more access to sex. This is the kind of Alpha indoctrination of males by females. For the females it was about hypergamy and resources. Anyway, it is important to understand that the use of violence for males in nature whether it is the traditional or the modern one is in evolutionary terms illogical. They may lose their lives for nothing. For females it goes vice versa. It is important both in terms of hypergamy for resources but in fact because they are the natural and sexual selection and men are evolutionary disposable they don't risk losing their lives. In fact, for females the need for violence becomes stronger the more the society adopts modernity. This is for example why you've seen more atrocities in recent history like in the third Reich and Rwanda with their respective Genocides.

Why is this so? Because for men as standing opposed to women a new strategy is more relevant today than what it was in the Stone Age for instance. Today’s societies are much bigger than prehistoric tribes, many individuals are members of multiple social hierarchies, there are many more strangers, and there is a bigger opportunity of psychologically challenging opponents (including Alphas) while also attract females for sex (for example the enigmatic nomadic strategy) in today’s “tribes”, as there are legal sanctions against the use of violence (at least within society itself). Therefore, even more today men need the other three mental aspects while females need more violence. Testosterone is strengthened through this need and through the same body and mind interaction enhances those elements. Females on the other hand through gynocentrism and feminism continue manipulatively to instill violence in men while trying to break the other legitimate aspects of true masculinity. Female leaders either incite wars, support wars and for sure manipulate feminism and gynocentrism inclined men to practice violence against the other men. It includes lynching mobs, DV police, white knights and state violence. In a nutshell, this is another reason for the male crisis caused by feminism, misandry and gynocentrism. And that's why it needs to stop, before it destroys our civilization.

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