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  • תמונת הסופר/תYoav Levin

Women Who Murder and Get Away with it: A Distinct Hallmark of Gynocentrism

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021

Women who murder and get away with it is a distinct hallmark of gynocentrism. Whether those are women who kill their children, women who kill their husbands, women who kill their boyfriends, they always get away with murder. We see it almost every day that women got away with their crimes. It is a special privilege granted to women and is known as a part of the criminal and justice system's chivalry code.

"After having conducted a decades long, exhaustive research project, Wendy Lower held these women accountable, which is more than the international (as well as respectively the national) justice system (too) was able to do. What actually happened to these women, after they fled the encroaching Red Army and returned their old lives? As Lower concludes on the final page of Hitler’s Furies, “They got away with murder.” Well, they always got away with it.

As I said, this is part and parcel, the gynocentric matrix of society. They do not only get away with murder when they kill a single men but when they participate in mass murder too. While men had rightfully to pay for their attrocities, women maintained their sacred status of hypo agency and the damsel in distress. Women are never responsible for anything even when they are mass murderer.

The same deceptive gynocentric rhetoric that has served so well in post war Germany to let hundreds of thousands of Nazi women to get away with mass murder is the same false gynocentric rhetoric that serves so well the modern day feminists to let women to get away with crime and murder today too.

In that sense, genocide (and in wider sense crime in general) is usually (and falsely) considered the business of men, and thus, when it came time to call Nazis to account for their crimes, prosecutors were less interested in these women than in their male colleagues and husbands, people of position and ascertainable power (exactly as modern day lawyers and prosecuters are eager to let female murderer and criminals to get away with their crimes).

(Although crime is not only not solely a matter of formal but especially informal power abuse), German defense lawyers (exactly as modern days ones) convinced (the gynocentric and chivalrous) courts that women lacked the (formal) authority to enact atrocities (although in order to do so they didn't need any of the formal but had more than enough of the informal one.

"As Wendy Lower correctly writes, mass murder, cannot occur without the broad participation of society. None of these women had to stand by as witnesses, serve as accomplices, or take the lives of others, but the vast majority of them did just that". They did that because there's no need for power to do this, because even if there was it is the informal power through which they control the formal one that makes this possible. In fact, doing this without abusing any power makes it even worse as it was pure sadistic joy that motivated them

Anyway, despite the international community’s acute taste for war crime trials, only the rare, flagrantly sadistic woman, like Ilse Koch, the “Bitch of Buchenwald,” captured public attention. In the throes of denazification, courts simply concluded that women were not a threat to postwar German society. The problem is that the biggest threat to society are those gynocentric dynamics, the hypo agency of women and the fact that this gynocentrism survived the Nazi third Reich only to be adopted by the feminists as a state policy aimed at now targeting men.

Next time feminist cry women are always victims, poor damsels in distress, that do no harm, this is the research you should refer them. It's not the there are more male criminals, it's that through gynocentrism, misandry, chivalry and feminism, women get away with this. Women are not those weak innocent creatures, they never lacked power, they always committed crimes, attrocities and murdered as men and in the same numbers. They just got away with it, because our system allows women to kill, then walk away, stay free while all of that will be of course swept under the rag. The importance, of Lower's research goes far beyond the third Reich, it in fact exposes the very evil nature of the gynocentric matrix itself that enables this all.


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