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The Essence of Red Pill

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021

"This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill - the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes" - Morpheus, The Matrix-

"The Matrix is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes. It is the world that has been pulled over your eyes to blind you from the truth" - Morpheus, The Matrix-

"Red Pill" is the most cliched or overworked concept in at least the last decade. But in essence, this is exactly the crux of of the matter. The problem in my opinion is that in its common form it only scratches the surface in a very superficial way while missing to address the true and most profound substance of its nature. As I will try to explain "Red Pill" is about truth, about reality, the shape and the matrix of existence, about the truth and wisdom, learned from that reality by our own effort and direct seeing which dispels the fog and veils of the fabricated ignorance of gynocentric origins. Furthermore, as understood through common red pill wisdom this sort of knowledge, the essence of red pill is understood as an attempt to be more succesful with women and according to other branches actually to give up on them. In the following article I will assert that this is the more trivial form whereas Red Pill is not about how to attract more women but rather the attainment of wisdom, by seeing and experiencing the relative as well as the ultimate (abstract workings) of truth and reality, further translated into social-collective/personal level and implemented into the everyday life of each and every man. Red Pill wisdom does not teaches us how to attract females in first hand or to respect women but rather by gaining wisdom and insight and becoming good and wise men for oneself, then and only then, if we wish so (to be in relationship with women in a gynocenteic world that is stucked against us), we can then navigate our path safely in the inevitable storm without harming ourselves by seeing for example what is worth of respect in women, what is not and create a life that is safe against the damages of feminism, gynocentrism and our culture's misandry.

Why is it so? Because at its deepest level red pill is about suffering and the end of suffering. In particular, to our cause, as we will see below, red pill is about male suffering in a gynocentric world and about ending suffering in a culture of feminism, gynocentrism and misandry. For my less experienced readers, new members or even the more experienced Red Pillers, I should obviously explain the principles of suffering as I have defined it and as it should be understood in Red Pill philosophy. When people usually reflect on “suffering” they are prompt to understand it as some form of grave physical pain or alternatively great mental or emotional distress. While this too is infact truly included in the great scheme of suffering, it is not its overwhelming form and most of it is much more subtle. This is the case both for Red Pill as well as generally related concept of suffering. “Suffering” in that sense may include regrets, unrealistic desires, whether about the nature, quality or quantity of things (such as the gynocentric and chivalrous portrail of women as pure Goddesses and angels), worries (for instance, fitting into this false ideals and narrative), fear (of related consequences for example), depression, anger, and any other form of unhappiness (no matter how subtle), that is preventing you from living a happy and fulfilled life, and ultimately reaching a state of personal freedom and liberation of mind from suffering.

For example: You may know that a certain romantic relationship is causing you to suffer, yet more likely than not you keep going back to that relationship, probably in the hopes that it will either be “different this time”, or you can change the woman because women are all good or you blame yourself because women are oppressed and you're the vile patriarch with your toxic masculinity. You are prey to a false feminist narrative that has rewritten history and projected those lies into your relationships. You hope that by degrading yourself either the current relationship will work or you finally find your true love that will appreciate you in the way that you deserve once you demean yourself a little bit more. Then, when it doesn't work you may use drugs, alcohol, or even food that are causing you to suffer even more, with the aim to numb your anguish but you keep going time and again back to the source of your suffering. You may know that your regrets, fears, desires, or anxiety are causing you to suffer, but you keep replaying them over and over in your head, even though there is nothing you can do to change the external circunstances and other people in the way that regard you. However, the only thing that you can do to end the suffering namely challenging those delusions and uproot them at the basic level to wit is challenging the whole gynocentric, feminist and misandrist matrix, this has never crossed your mind.

Therefore, we can safely say and assert the premise that all forms of suffering are caused by attachment/fear/aversion (as outlined in the few example above and even furthermore in the next paragraphs below) and ignorance, because you can probably trace all of your suffering in terms of attachment/aversion to various emotions/mental patterns, desires/regrets, life experiences, the material world, or life in general to a basic ignorance/delusion whether it is your own's or society's fabricated one. Therefore, while the teaching that attachment/aversion (in whatever form) is the direct root/cause of suffering is true; the deeper reason is caused by ignorance meaning delusion. This assertion as we will see does not only take those teachings deeper for me and put them into a new context but they offer a solution to male suffering by us men being able to cultivate the antidotes of wisdom and insight. Ultimately, the end of suffering for us will not be the result of some governmental directives and policies but it is to be found in our hands, it is the matter of taking full responsibility as men always do and have done and by using our intelect and mind to cultivate wisdom. At its deepest level, it is wisdom that ends and uproots suffering. Not policies forced on anyone by the state.

The reason that suffering is caused by ignorance is because, although no person wants to suffer, people continually gravitate to the things that cause suffering. This is so because we are not born with wisdom and knowledge of any kind, whether this is mundane or highly spiritual knowledge. Any form of knowledge is aquired and learned by us. Some may be true and relevant and some maybe not. However, most of us are acting on autopilot without questioning our knowledge. By definition we will act on some form of wrong knowledge that will cause us suffering unless we challenge it. This is both the nature of reality and existence that causes suffering but also points to the path of ending it. It is so because our knowledge is by default secondary and not primary by its nature - unless we end and see everything by our own efforts. That's in the essence is what meant by going the rabbit hole and once that you've seen it (for yourself and your own efforts) Red Pill wisdom can't be undone anymore. Consider this in the context of our society's gynocentric web and its matrix. Sit down and reflect where is all of your knowledge coming from. You will than see that it was always transmitted by someone who taught you everything while most of the time you took it for granted.

Furthermore, when we go back in time as far as our memory allows we will see that at least in the most critical and crucial phases of our life we were conditioned by women. Modern science teaches us that humand babies are already influenced in the mother's womb. Then we are born and first of all are given into the warm hands of our mother where we can feel the warmth of her body and embrace. This is the most primal gynocentric conditioning - both for girls as well as boys - and there is nothing wrong with it. Its called biological gynocentrism and its a matter of evolution. Then after being born we are mainly surrounded, nurtured and conditioned by women. We are taken care by our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, older sisters and so on. This is still a part of the biological gynocentrism within the familial context and once again there is nothing wrong with it. Then we begin to grow, we go to kindergarten, school and university and here it is when the social conditiong of cultural gynocentrism begins and where the problem lays as most of our teachers at least in the initial stages are all of them mostly women. It culminates in our adolescence when boys are most vulnerable to such type of conditioning when they are bombarded with messages of not only the prevailing pop culture but also the social expressions of cultural gynocenyrism through media, art and other influences. Those stages are not only crucial for the attainment of conceptual or perceptional intelectual knowledge but also for emotional wisdom. In terms of emotional wisdom it is even more crucial as most of our emotional habits are formed here at this very primal level, they are conditioned by women (which is the result of why most of our world constitutes of blue pilled men) and those habits are the most difficult to uproot. It is only in later stages like in military, universities, work and even religious activities that we tend to spend more time with men but no matter if secular, spiritual or religious all of this men have already at this point an almost two decade long and extensive gynocentric conditiong. This is in a nutshel the basic workings of the gynocentric matrix of conditioning the blue pill world we live on. This blue pill world is essentially based on ignorance and delusions and thus by definition and default leads to suffering.

In other words, this pattern of continually going back to the source of your suffering is caused by ignorance. Please remember that ignorance does not mean “stupidity”, as it is so often incorrectly used. Ignorance means delusion while delusion means a lack of knowledge or understanding. The key to end the cycle of suffering caused by ignorance/delusion is to realize that you have the power to end your suffering and then begin a path of self grow which is all that the Red Pill is about aimed at questioning your knowledge, seeing things as they are rather through the blue pilled gynocentric glasses, leaving what is true as it is, embracing new knowledge required for changed and living your life apart of the gynocentric web of conditioning, feminist man hating incitement and the matriarchal misandry as a joint venture of both of them. You should never forget that despite the gynocentric and feminist matrix of misandry you always have agency no matter the cultural and societal context around you. Your agency is not something that can be taken from you, every man (and every human being) has the power to take control of his own life, and end his suffering. The key to this is to examine your life, to question the gynocentric blue pill conditioning, to find out what is causing suffering in your life and to actively seek to eliminate those causes of suffering, no matter how painful the elimination process may be. So if the essence of blue pill is suffering, the essence of red pill is putting end to this suffering. This may still include relationships with women but you may also chose a path to avoid any romantic entanglements with women in a feminist misandrist and gynocentric world. This is the big difference between men's human rights advocacy and that of feminist victimhood metality advocating for special previliges for women on behalf of everyone else.

Furthermore, we have to look at the Red Pill through eyes conditioned by a Millenium of cultural gynocentrism, misandry and feminism along with the modern and post-modern attitudes it has spawned. We have been brought up in a polarising and a highly divisive culture created by feminist hate ideology. On the one hand, modernism assumes that knowing the world through science will release suffering and will make you happy. On the other hand, post-modernism has come to see that science can be used as a tool by all the institutions in our culture—governments, corporations or others— falsely and manipulatively using the ideal of scientific truth to claim some special “truth” for themselves. This is not only the epitome of feminism but its gender studies have created faculties to cause and foster more suffering especially for men while elevating only female suffering. This basic gynocentric dynamic beginning with Eleanor of Aquitaine gynocentrism and courts of love is an integral part of the above workins of gynocentric suffering thay the Red Pill is aiming at releasing. Thus all forms of what is claimed today by science especially when it comes from feminist pseudo research as “objective truth” are suspect to be falsehoods and outright lies that must be questioned, never believed at face value and so should be deconstructed in order to gain freedom from them. Therefore, I propose here that the way out of this labyrinth and vicious cycle is to view the Red Pill teachings not through modern or post-modern eyes, but to take them as timeless truths about how to put an end to male suffering in a gynocentric world which are be discovered through our own efforts.

This approach requires questioning everything, which includes indeed ancient forms or corpusses of knowledge, but especially modern as well as post-modern deviations in which we have come to interpret the ancient world we used to live in. To some ears it may sound like a form of fundamentalism that completely rejects modern and post-modern developments in human thought but as we challenge everything including ourselves this is of course not true. Furthermore, there is another modern as well as post moderm feminist thought pattern that we must challenge namely that perhaps not all forms of fundamentalism are essentially retrograde and perhaps some modern and post-modern views not only don’t have the final word but are completely perverted views of life, human nature and existence as well as reality. One of the most striking features of the Red Pill teachings is the way they call into question the substantiality of conditioned phenomena, culturally ingrained falsehoods, outdated perception and in particular things that the blue pilled people of the gynocentric matrix at large regard as having substance. The great opposition to the Red Pill lays at the very core of its unappologetic nature. Red Pill is the natural villain to the blue pilled gynocentric, feminist zeitgeist. The Red Pill is the antithesis to the misandrist culture of toxic feminism and their poisonous blue pilled men allies. This rebellious shunning of the blue pilled masses and their drugged out delirium of herd mentality fits perfectly in line with the Red Pill teachings.

To give an example we can consider the sense of current views of manhood and masculinity which are subject to a continous modern and post modern gynocentric and and feminist war with the aim at destroying and eliminating them. Most blue pill people have a sense that there’s something substantial inside those lies that constitutes a substatial truth that is objective. This false narrative is created and supported by feminist pseudo science that created this false notions and contributes to its persistance. More and more men men fall prey to this misandrist modern and post modern indoctrination.

But this persistened notion, the Red Pill, shows, is nothing more than a gynocentric and feminist fabrication that at the end causes suffering. It’s the result of ignorance as well as clinging to this false narrative, the result of the will to appease the feminist and gynocentric overlords either for sex, normal life or any other reason as well as the internalized aversion and self hate. Especially in the post modern time, this kind of approach that questions thos anti male and misandrist notions must be advanced so it can be used not only to challenge gynocentric and feminist false concepts but also to apply changes in the Red Pill itself with the passage of time. Especially now that people in the world have taken an interest in the Red Pill, many of them have claimed that its views and approaches is not just simple or mundane approaches and views, for instance, restricted to relationships or how to attract more women but that Red Pill teachings are an established and timeless truths that not only support the creative changes they feel are required but as a mean to attain higher insight and wisdom as well as personal liberation and freedom. After all, they say, the Red Pill embraces change, and so the only authentic way to express the Red Pill wisdom is to foster what we see as positive changes in it.

The whole point of the Red Pill teachings is to help men get to this essence. So we need to teach men how to distinguish what is essence from what is not. Now, ley's use a metaphor to understand this essence. We can describe it as a heartwood: the part of the tree that’s most useful and valuable because it’s also the most lasting and impervious to change. So when we identify something as essence, it means not only that it is impervious to change, but also that it had high and lasting value. The release of suffering as well as the attained wisdom, freedom and liberation that counts as the essence of the Red Pill isn’t a subject to change. The description here emphasizes that this release as well as attainement, once gained and penetrated, is independent of specific occasions. It doesn't matter whether we live in a gynocentric world or have a romantic relationship with a woman or not. It stands outside of time, outside of social, cultural and interpersonal context so none of further external changes and conditions can changes, affect, influence or alter it. In fact, if this dimension didn’t exist, the ending of suffering wouldn’t be possible and the Red Pill as a whole would be pointless. But one of the realizations on attaining this dimension is that it otherwise lies beyond of any limits of what we can perceive.

In the bottomline this simply implies that the Red Pill can also be used to induce action in men aimed at liberating them from the gynocentric web and matrix. It means to inspire men to get enough wisdom required for the path that leads to their freedom. This is how we primarily should use Red Pill language and terminology with regard to inspiring men to work towards the cessation and release of their suffering too. We need to encourage men to act in a way that will lead them to experience this release from suffering as well as their freedom directly for themselves and through their own efforts. What this also means is that the Red Pill claimes a range of experience lying outside the horizons of postmodern theories of feminism, gynocentrism and misandry which are based on the assumption that experience not only outside of space and time is impossible but especially that it is impossible outside the blue pilled matrix of feminism, gynocentrism and misandry. However, postmodern theories can offer no proof that our basic Red Pill theories, teachings and assumption are insubstantial or false, which is why their claims have no force against the red pill and its essence. However, by taken the red pill, going down the rabbit hole, by our own efforts, we see those truth for oneself. This is how we attain the cessation of suffering as well as our liberation from the gynocentric tyranny and freedom of mind from suffering created by feminist hate and misandry. And this is the essence of the Red Pill as standing opposed to the blue pilled world and lies.

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