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Missing Men and Boys

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021

How Medieval Chivalry Survived in Boko Haram and Why Male Violence is Always a Product of Female Hypergamy, Gynocentrism and Indoctrination!

"Since the beginning of the conflict in 2009, thousands of men and boys have been killed or captured by Boko Haram in north-eastern Nigeria. In an Oxfam protection survey with communities affected by violence done last year, people reported 41% more killings of men and boys by Boko Haram than of women and girls; and the number is even higher among adults, with 77% more men killed than women".

It is estimated that at least 1000 (in fact, much more) people got killed in the conflict, mainly men and boys. Here are the estimated numbers in this article: The horrifying statistics from OXFAM which I have quoted above can be found here on their website:

Moreover, while the abduction of some hundreds of women sparked worldwide campaigns like the#bringbackourgirls, no one gave a shit about ten tousands of boys who were abducted. While most of the girls were safely returned home, the boys were trained and forced to fight as cannon fodders. Obviously many of them died too. In the article I cite here and whose link I brought below for further details, we read:

"Witnesses said the boys were trained and sent into battle, at times unarmed and often numbed with opiates. Many of the boys were beaten and some died of starvation or thirst, the people said. Their individual accounts couldn’t be independently verified but are consistent with information gathered by researchers and military officials, both in terms of timing and specific details"

For feminist this is of course O.K. and hence no outrage and protest here we can safely assume that they're happy to watch what they most probably perceive as soap opera or maybe a sort of comedy. Here you can read the full coverage:

However, as I pointed in many of my other posts at its deepest, most profound, level, personal as well as collective violence is instilled in males by females which also includes wars as a fight for resources. It can be already traced back to the animal kingdom and found among primates. The following research among monkeys and such primate societies explains this dynamic:

"Success in battle ensures control over territory and food sources — a key concern for females, who take care of the young. Female vervet monkeys manipulate males into fighting battles by lavishing attention on brave soldiers while giving noncombatants the cold shoulder, researchers said"

"Males are larger than females and have longer canine teeth, making their presence valuable in the front lines. After a skirmish with a rival gang, usually over food, females would groom males that had fought hardest, while snapping at those that abstained. When the next battle came along, both those singled out for attention and those aggressively shunned would participate more vigorously in combat, according to a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B."

“Receiving punishment” from females for not taking part in battles “could damage the male’s social relationship(s)” either with the female in question or “other female group members”, the researchers wrote. On the other hand, being rewarded could “potentially signal to other female group members that the male is a valuable social partner”, likely boosting “male mating success”. This is how the Alpha indoctrination takes place in nature and is conditioned in male through female social engineering. Here you can read more about this research:

Now, how does this work in human societies? Here, we have excellent historical accounts and actually from the same cuture from which Boko Haram comes which once again proves that at its deepest, most profound, level also the Boko Haram violence is the workings of female indoctrination. By the way one should not dare to take this observation as a racist statement because those dynamics are not only unique to Africa but you can find them all over the human spectrum. In another example I showed how it worked to bring Hitler to power and to generate the Genocide perpetrated by the Nazis in Europe.

So, on Purple Motes, Douglas Ghalbie's, website we find the following account. We read: “What would you do when someone comes to kill you?” women chanted to men. “We will kill them,” men chanted in response. Then, on September 16, 2014, in a farming village in West Africa, villagers killed eight men from outside the village. The men who were killed came to the village to teach about the health risks of Ebola. The men who were killed were local officials, doctors, journalists, and a popular pastor. By the way, this is also exactly what Boko Haram resist and the type of men they kill.

"Early Arabic poetry", continues Douglas Ghalbie, directly faces women inciting men to kill other men. A well-recognized genre of early Arabic poetry is lament for the dead. Such a lament is called marthiya. Among Arabic poets born in the pre-Islamic period, the most famous writer of marthiya is the woman poet al-Khansā. In a marthiya for her brother Sakhr, killed in inter-tribal fighting, al-Khansā described him as “a spearhead whose blade illuminates the night.” Men warriors, particularly those who take on the most dangerous missions, are today also figured as the tip of the spear". They are the point of impact for a weapon that women direct". Here you can read the full article which elaborates and explains those dynamics in more details:

The Boko Haram phenomenon is also interesting as it highlights the chivalrous nature not only of Boko Haram itself but any type of gynocentric, not patriarchal, violence. As we've seen violence is instilled in males by females through manipulation. It stands as opposed to assertiveness, aggression as well as physical (and also mental) power/strenght that are necessary for survival in evolutionary terms. It serves only the benefits of women and is done by exploiting men through chivalry, inciting them to practice violence against each other and against their own interest. As standing opposed to the myths this is the dark and true side of chivalry that men were never told. The romantic side of chivalry or the "moral" is the sugar coated lip service and delusion through which suffering and violence were sold by women to men especially that every woman deserves the protection of men even if she isn't worth any of it.

Despite the feminist lies chivalry isn't dead, it just went through a transformation and changed forms. What used to be a chivalrous Knight or later the personal husband has turned all men to forced collective knights and husbands through the state especially in its welfare manifestation. Now, instead that one man is a slave to one woman, all men are slaves of each and every woman. This in essence is the embodiment of feminist vs. traditional chivalry and the difference between them. In one or another form chivalry still exists even as in such cultures as the Islamic one of Boko Haram. Those are the killed and missing boys that pay the price while the gynocentric and feminist media doesn't give a shit about it.

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