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Male Self-Growth and Empowerment: The Sigma Male's Mystery and His Enigma!

עודכן: 8 בדצמ׳ 2021

"Like a bat that emerges in darkness, like a knife that cuts in silence, like a grenade that shatters with thunder"

Like a Sigma male, the bat spirit is one of the most misunderstood animals because it has always been linked to darkness, death, and the underworld but although it bravely masters them all, as a lone wolf does, the bat, like in Chinese culture, also symbolizes goodness, positivity, good fortune and happiness.

Like a bat, a Sigma male is also a living paradox and is a walking contradiction for most people but masters them all harmoniously in his life and personality. Yet, while the Sigma is both, a combination of a lone wolf and a bat when coming to the mystery, more than being a lone wolf, he definitely represents and mirrors the bat!

The Sigma is idealistic but at the same time very practical and analytical. A sigma, who is an introverted Alpha male, is often an INTP or INTJ personality type. He can be cynical and sarcastic too but also compassionate while using cynicism and sarcasm as a sharp sword of compassion, the same way as a Zen monk does it.

Despite, these people's fierce independence, disapproval of authority, freedom, and autonomy, Sigma Males are also aware of the interconnectedness of life and are highly sensitive to their social surroundings. So, therefore, alongside being an extremely wise and analytical INTP or INTJ mastermind type, they are considered to have intuition, dreaming, and vision. Often this spirit of the Sigma would be invoked when special energy was needed, like the ability to see through fog, ignorance, illusion or ambiguity and dive straight to the truth of matters.

A Sigma at his core is silent, introspective, reflective and observant, but once talking (to like-minded persons, people he likes or women), he is extrovert, outgoing, nonchalant, charismatic, has incredible communication as well as conversational skills, shows profound wisdom and is enigmatic.

In contrast to popular opinion, the Sigma isn't strange, that's maybe the Omega, but to most people he is inconceivable. His Mystery isn't restricted only to the unknown. He has a mesmerizing personality and a magnetizing presence. He's elusive and alluring but also both inspiring and challenging. So, Sigma men are not strange but incomprehensible, inconceivable, beyond one's grasps. They are always idealized and also envied by others.

Another aspect of the Sigma's enigma, despite his introverted, introspective, reflective and observant personality, is his sharp and acute perception as well as mastery of people and social interactions. Don’t try to fool or mess with a Sigma because he can see your deception from a mile away! As such, the Sigma will unlikely fall prey to fraudsters and cons. On the other side, when it's about his survival, his family's, friend's and loved ones or people in need and suffering, the Sigma is loyal, forbearing and does not easily give up on things, situations and people despite his independence, freedom, individualism, and autonomy.

Likewise, a Sigma makes use of his acquired wisdom and insight to make sense of things, situations, people, reality and the world around him to master the external aspects of life, while on the other side, he listens to his heart when he needs emotional support and guidance. A Sigma knows that his mind is his best friend and his worst enemy. This leads him to be introverted, introspective, reflective and observant, always on a path of self-growth and empowerment.

Every day the Sigma drifting in and out, flies of its cave into the fields, forests, and oceans, guided either by sunlight or by the light of the moon, each time that he does this, it is a sort of rebirth and renewal. He drifts in and out, comes out from darkness to light, and does it to discover the mysteries that are still yet to be revealed. Having this ability and especially adaptability in his life allows him to reach, yet, new heights and enjoy freedom like you have never experienced.

Through this, the Sigma male enters the sacred labyrinth and corridors of his mind through the help of his internal guide and spirit. There, he conveys a sacred message of boldly going into the deepest and farthest part of his subconscious mind. It is there that the boundless and limitless freedom of an individual is found. It is there where the Sigma transforms himself through going to the realm where everything arises and connects us to our power that helps to navigate through life; having achieved trust based on wisdom and insight that he's getting by guidance from a supreme dimension, the Sigma has now internally dependent build confidence, not externally approved, that is also unbreakable.

Thus, not only he cultivates his powerful mind but that's why he's never alone, even in solitude, because his mind is his best friend while on the other side, he also isn't wallowing in his emotions or creating drama by endlessly talking to other ignorant people. He knows the middle path between the mind and heart, he cultivates a wise heart, knowing that in internal life, the wisdom that is balanced with compassion will liberate him. Therefore, there although he's working against the pull of gravity and going against the forces of the universe, he is also strong enough to know when it’s time to hold on and when it’s time to try harder and most importantly, when it's time to be brave enough to let go and move on.

The Sigma also has as an elusive appearance of a nice guy but is a bad boy and a rebel in disguise. When the time calls for it, he's a trojan horse, the villain to conformity (and the Zeitgeist) who's also the ultimate caregiver, savior and a good Samaritan. Therefore, the Sigma is at the same time, both selfless as well as self-absorbed. He embodies both sides of the spectrum and is the change in himself!

In social context, the Sigma, for example, can go from an intellectual to a working-class man, to totally cool or the average guy, but he will always stand on the outskirts looking in. No matter how comfortable he will become with a group, he isn't ever going to belong. That's another reason why a Sigma is so mysterious because he can’t be defined by the people he hangs out with, they come and go too quickly and a run off the mill person is stupid and ignorant enough to grasp his nature.

The Sigma also doesn’t have either the ambition to blend in nor to blend out, or does he wants to stand out in the crowd or to be dominant in social situations but on the other side being able to go from intellectual to the working class to totally cool while drifting in and out of groups, never committing and belonging to one makes it for people impossible to defined and put him in a box. The Sigma embodies an unsolvable Koan.

Another aspect of the Sigma's allure and mystery is his conversational skills especially regarding the use of language. The word-smithing prowess of a Sigma is legendary. Especially, on one on one conversation, when he talks to a group or when he puts his ideas into words. When giving a glance into his world of wisdom, he shares an aspect and covers twice. He'll always hide more than he'll reveal. All that he'll say will always have multiple and deeper meanings.

To sum it up, for Sigma mystery is key and normally he knows it intuitively from a young age from being a boy. It serves as:

1. The strategy of nomadic seduction

2. Protective shield

3. Sharp sword

4. Spying in disguise

5. Survival in action

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