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Let Women have it All! Let them learn the lesson the hard way!

From the Futility and Senselessness of the Gynocentric and blue pilled Feminist Existence to a Life of Wisdom and Love: On MGTOW who Say if Women Want It, Let Them have it All but without us!

No one saves us but ourselves! No one can and no one may! We ourselves must walk the path and we should do this by going our own way!

Very often when an average person takes the red pill or decides to go his own way, the obvious realization or the feeling he might get is that of an oppressive sense of shock, dismay and alienation that comes with realizing the futility and meaninglessness of life as it is normally presented and lived under the gynocentric matrix and the blindness associated with the feminist blue pilled existence; a chastening sense of one's own complacency and foolishness in having let oneself down as to a life so blind that we even couldn’t realize the self-inflicted pain of not understanding or recognizing the oppressive matrix; and an anxious sense of urgency in trying to find a way out of the meaningless cycle of Gynocentrism, feminism and misandry. However, in the face of such realizations our task or mission is the cultivation of a sense of sensitivity that has the nature of a clearing effect that is collected together. It means and is about the cultivation of clearness, a right view and understanding. And it is about the teachings concerning the equation of wisdom and love in the light of those realizations that stands at the heart of our path and practice. Leaving behind the society which hates you, giving a stiff middle finger and walking away from a war that was declared and forced upon you, leaving behind relationships that are aimed at controlling, exploiting and misusing you while taking responsibility and the willingness to pay the personal price for those choices is the most dignified and noble way to deal with the hatred that is hurled on a daily basis on us. Without those two aspects that are not a single event, as we will see in the course of this discussion, they must be in fact cultivated on daily basis on our path. Without them we are likely to fall back on our journey, especially in our blue pilled and ego trip oriented society with its feminist and gynocentric matrix!

So what is actually this two folded conceptual and emotional cluster? Are those feelings or do we deal more with attitudes? Why are they so important on our path and to our growth and mental well-being! And why do they inevitably contradict the current feminist and gynocentric matrix that has reached epidemic proportions? First of all, traditionally we can say that it can be understood as a set or a cluster of emotions. While inside the cluster or aggregation there can be a different emphasis on that or the other emotion, some basic attitudes and emotions appear always here. First and at the beginning there is meaningless, lack of desire or will to be part of or associated with the matrix and its deception, lack of a common ground, lack of significance, uselessness and futility. There is a shock and inability to understand our own ignorance and how could we have been so blinded, living this impossible life of gynocentric ignorance and feminist stupidity and there is an immense urgency and yearning to escape this useless, senseless and futile cycle of feminism, gynocentrism and misandry. Usually those three elements will not occur in the same intensity at the beginning. In fact, what will catapult us on the path is the first intuitive and sober glimpse into the reality of meaninglessness, uselessness and the futility of the fabricated existence of suffering that was brought by feminism, gynocentrism and especially misandry. There will be a healthy desire to escape the feminist prison of relationships that the gynocentric society offers us. While the more we will commit to work and empower ourselves it will be later that the insight and wisdom will grow the more we advance in practice and on the path. At this point, we will not be able not only to understand how could we have lived so ignorantly, but we will also not be able to imagine a life without the Red Pill and falling back into our previously deluded way of life.

Here we must also understand that at the beginning the feeling of uselessness and the blue pilled futility will be accompanied and affected quite much and colored by different types of aversive feelings. We may feel disgust, anger, hatred, alienation and other forms of aversive feeling towards women or the gynocentric feminist blue pilled life very often. While in order to heal we must acknowledge, honor and give place to all those feelings of betrayal whether on a personal or a collective level at the beginning of our growth so that we can overcome them, in my opinion in the long run dwelling on those feelings is not the right or correct attitude because all aversion of every type or on the contrary attachment are all of them poisonous to our well-being and happiness. True Red Pill/MGTOW renunciation means of course non attachment (or detachment), but it doesn’t mean of course a fearful and aversive flight from life. Renunciation has therefore two wings: renunciation of our attachments is the one side and the renunciation (overcoming) our fears and aversions is the second one. In other words, through adding the compassionate sensitivity to our life, alongside with wisdom and insight into the true nature of women, gynocentrism and ourselves too which in an accumulative way has the nature of a clearing effect on us that is collected together. It is extremely important to us to learn that Red Pill/MGTOW renunciation does not mean denial of life or trying to push any aspect of it from our experience. That’s fear and aversion! Renunciation is the art of abandoning the previous gynocentric/feminist way of life and its associated values, treating all aspects of life without fear, aversion or attachment to them! That is when the Red Pill has taken its true effect, course and direction!

Anyway, in that sense the first stage of this path has some very important implications and significance for those of us who sincerely have committed themselves to the Red Pill/MGTOW journey, especially when the goal is ultimate liberation from gynocentric and feminism inflicted suffering mainly through ignorant association with women without understanding their nature, the gynocentric society and the level of threat it poses on men on a personal level within the context of feminist relationship. Even if the woman is not a feminist the threat still exists in the form a feminist state legislature and a legal system which at every point can and will ruin the man's life if given the opportunity through courts and by every other means. It is also about the realization of the escape from the cycle of endless suffering inflicted through a misandrist society that hates men, incites violence (especially institutional one) and hate against them on daily basis as well as the political and legal organizations that promote this misandry at every possible level through the realm of committed relationships with women. Nevertheless, we can live a full and an integrated life within this society but unless it hasn't changed its inherent gynocentric and feminist misandry, it can be achieved only if we actively avoid any committed relationships with women as well as any unnecessary association with women and society too that is not required for our personal survival. Here, we should bear in mind that some of us are catapulted to this odyssey when they have gained and attained already a very strong sense of the futility of the feminist and gynocentric society through suffering and pain inflicted upon them as a result of lacking an initial insight and understanding of societal dynamics that affect us. It is usually combined with the elements of the intuitive understanding of the meaningless and the futility of this sort of existence as well as the urgency to end the suffering as soon as possible.

Even if one still does not understand everything with deep penetrative Red Pill wisdom, it nevertheless serves its members at this stage and level as a source of support to overcome the difficult times in practice as well as possible falls and drop backs. Not everyone, however, starts here and other people may begin with a different starting point. Others begin with less personal suffering but rather maybe by observing friends or male family members go through this or other ordeal. Some may also observe society and come to the realization that they don't want to have the same future and destiny. Some of those people if not having enough insight of this first stage, surely may even abandon the whole lifestyle at the very beginning or do so when experiencing the inevitable falls and drop backs. This is why no matter of the starting point it is extremely crucial to actually cultivate these feelings towards the society and later complete them with a compassionate response accompanied by wisdom and insight. Either way, although people committing themselves to the path of Red Pill liberation and MGTOW freedom on behalf of such strong feelings of futility, meaninglessness and uselessness may have some advantage and more determination, all of us must still cultivate more and more of a compassionate as well as wise and insightful response to avoid long term the trap of hate, resentment, anger and many more destructive emotions that otherwise will eat at our happiness away and will leave us in a state of suffering and still as prisoners of the past gynocentric matrix and the feminist society. Such an approach is especially of great importance for those whose suffering is less so that they can better deal not only with the natural difficulties of the path that will always arise, but also because at current times we are surrounded and are objects to a most extreme gynocentric misandry that is feminism and by means of vicious and constant attacks as well as the feminist gender war that is declared on us including constant institutional propaganda campaigns. To withstand it alongside with all the delusions and ill will it is showering on us, those strong feelings and the constant cultivation of it is a kind of a remedy and antidote against it!

Yet, here at this point we should also remember that, when we understand Red Pill only with that kind of the first emotional cluster of futility and meaninglessness problems may still arise along the journey. Actually, single emphasis on those feelings of futility will inevitable create a kind of depressed, stressed and compressed existence which will lack true joy. It will only keep us away from happiness, cessation of suffering, liberation and freedom that we so seek. It will, on the contrary, only foster and enhance this suffering. It can also lead one whether to the abandonment of the practice, leaving the journey or living hypocritically, which is in any case worse than the first two options. This is why Red Pill requires and adds the other part of the equation namely that of compassion, wisdom, loving kindness and insight which balances everything and avoids the same trap of feminist and Marxist misinterpretation of anger as a justification to their sheer feelings of hate, resentment and the subsequent tyranny and pain they seek to inflict on others through oppression, discrimination and exploitation. To balance everything, we offer to each cluster of the futile and the meaningless an antidote, an anti-cluster of compassion, wisdom and insight. When understanding both of this clusters in this way, we understand that although all of the conditioned gynocentric existence, all of the its feminist expressions in our life as well as in society, all the life and values it represents, there is nothing in them, which is really worth; they are meaningless, useless, senseless and futile, whereas they have only one worth of abandoning and escaping them, whereas on the other hand life as well as our participation and self-empowerment in it is very important.

In that sense, we actually only abandon that which is for us unhealthy or unhelpful while we participate in everything that is conducive to us and our development. In that sense and in terms of the first link inside the cluster feelings such as futility and compassionate wisdom, it means that although the conditioned gynocentric existence is completely meaningless and futile, the human existence as a whole even within this matrix is opening a gate for us to escape it for the sake of our liberation and freedom by means of true and correct renunciation and detachment; by experiencing the meaningless and futile existence, we learn and escape it none dually into freedom and liberation from the same matrix while still being and living there. The second part of the Red Pill wisdom is related to our self-empowerment. Despite what the matrix says, despite the misandry and despite the feminist massage that we are flawed, evil and toxic in our masculinity, it means the cultivation of strength and the ability to withstand this sort of evil and gynocentric feminist conditioning by means of nurturing the belief in our good inherent male nature, our virtuous masculinity and our shared noble humanity. It stands as opposed to the evil and wicked feminist massages of society that are constantly hurled at us from our childhood and up to our grave. The one surprising factor in this approach is actually not the fact that these men are just giving up and walking away from so much hate or what they may find personally repugnant which in itself is very inoffensive to them but that of the strength of almost overcoming not only societal but evolutionary conditioning. The decision of those men or better said their free choice to walk away from a war that was declared on them instead of participating it without any reward or gain no matter the outcome is a highly noble approach of taking responsibility for one's own life and happiness. Other than personal safety and happiness there is nothing to gain but a lot to lose. However, by losing the futile, the meaningless and the useless no matter its amount they gain everything.

Therefore, feminists and women who are influenced by this hate movement can have it all. In their hate and hedonistic ego trip for a never ending power they can continue to accumulate it as much as they want. This could affect only the blue pill men who chose to live the lie and participate in the feminist and gynocentric deception. Men who have chosen to take the Red Pill and embrace its path to freedom cannot be affected by this accumulation of female power. They are not fighting to change the game's rule which will always favor women in gynocentric and especially feminist societies but they've changed the game, created a new set of rules and escaped the vile and anti-male matrix. Even if women will have it all but men will walk away the power will not affect men but at the end it will destroy gynocentrism and feminism from within. No, the real power that can be witnessed here is what the result will be of this walking away and gifting these women with everything they desire. If all of the above and every other women’s demands and female whims are met, the entire system will collapse! Nothing within a society will be at all functional if all their whims were met and that same society and all of its misandrist laws and all of its corruptions and all of its systems will fall, rapidly. All of the system will go up in smoke. It would be as if men handed over the keys to the entire empire and went fishing instead. What would be left when they each returned with their baskets full of fish? Well, for those men enough to survive and thrive in this society; for the other part of this society not so much at all. And if the empire is indeed too tainted to even function properly now? And if it is already forcing men to go their own way and to opt out of marriage, relationships and society? Think of all the men if they all left at the same time and left the running of everything exclusively to women? The power of MGTOW is truly immense to comprehend at what can be achieved from it. To partially adopt its tactics and strategy we even don't have to be MGTOW ourselves. Let them have it all! Let them have it all, while men walk away from it all! Let, them learn the lesson the hard way!

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