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Yoav Levin is a long-standing MRA. He is the chairmen of the Israeli Lobby for Men and Boys as well as a member of a director board of two Israeli father's NGO where he manages the research and information department campaigning for the rights of men and boys in the country. Except for his activity in the lobby and the NGOs, Yoav focuses mainly on the academic field and is currently researching feminism, gynocentrism, and misandry as well as female sexual and domestic violence against men. Yoav is also an active lecturer in the field of gender studies for men focusing on critical research of feminism as well as misandry and gynocentrism and has studies group in Israel


Yoav's research is planned to be published in two trilogies and two additional books. The first trilogy is an encyclopedia focusing on misandry, feminism, and gynocentrism. The second trilogy focuses on the origins of European Gynocentrism and its symbolism. Based on his research the other two books are dealing with female sexual violence against men and in-depth research on the origins of religious gynocentrism. The first book from the two is a comprehensive explanation on female on male rape and how it's working and the second one concentrates on the origins of religious gynocentrism spanning from polytheistic religions into monotheism and as expressed through the evolution of the God concept mirroring social gynocentric dynamics as well as refuting the notion of patriarchy already in the ancient world.

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Shamanism, Gynocentrism, and Biological Misandry:
The Migration of Early Hominids and Australopithecus from
African Savanah up to the Ancient Indian Culture of the Brahmins and the Vedas

The WKKK - Feminist Roots of the Nazi Race Ideology and its Implementation in the Final Solution and the German Race Policy, Laws and Cleansing

The Song of Songs as the Prototype of Medieval Fabliaux and Modern Romance  Novel! Cuckolded Husbands, The Virtue of Female Adulteress and the shared Egyptian Denominator and Ancestor of the Judeo Christian Gynocentrism

The Demonization of Male Sexuality in the Bogomil and the Italian Cathar Creation Myth as the Basis of Feminist Misandry and Gynocentric Gender Roles

The Jewish Muslim Roots of the Troubadour's Courtly Love Culture in Christian Mozarabic Spain and the Spread of Gynocetrism from Southern France to Italy

From Gynocentrism to Misandry: The Spread of Gynocentric Culture, Courtly Love and the Secular Troubadour Cathar Legacy from Aquitaine to Germany

Muslim-Sufi and Christian-Cathar Syncretism and Cross-Pollination in Mozarbic - Spain and Christian France! Troubadour Contacts with Muslim Spain and the knowledge of Arabic by William the IX: New evidence concerning William IX of Aquitaine

Medieval Women in Feudal Europe: Property of Men, Chattels of Husbands or the Privileged Sex of the Middle Ages?

From Rumi to William IX and Eleanor of Aquitaine: The Muslim – Arabic and Sufi Origins of Courtly Love and the Troubadours

The Cycle of Female Violence: Women within the Context of the Cycle of Violence - A new Psychological Approach to the Roots of Domestic Violence

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The books are scheduled for publication in 2023-2024. Meanwhile, our visitors can subscribe to our blog where they can read highlights of the research as well as excerpts from the books. You can also download free CCA research in the section below!

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